Atlassian Drives Revenue & Reduces Costs with CloudShare’s Virtual Training Labs

By Stephanie Myara - October 11, 2017
1 min read

The end of the year is in sight. OKRs (objectives and key results) or KPIs – no matter which acronym your using, your annual targets are probably on your wall staring you in the face. Together with the drive for year-end bonuses, you can feel the pressure mounting. You could really do with a quick win to boost training revenues and deliver a top-notch student experience.

Why not learn from Atlassian? In a short time, the software leader has grown its training program with a combination of live virtual classes and recorded training – both with hands-on labs.

Get full access to Atlassian’s virtual training success story

We’re happy to say that CloudShare’s virtual labs have become an integral component of Atlassian’s training operations. Our virtual training labs and ongoing support enable Atlassian to execute its “hands-on” training philosophy with maximum efficiency and minimum cost while serving as a foundation for revenue growth.

Here are some of the results that Atlassian has seen:

  • Reduced average class setup time from 1.5 hours to 4 minutes!
  • Provided a superior student experience with an intuitive user interface and customized features
  • Decreased overhead through automated processes

And it’s easier and more efficient than you might think possible. As Atlassian’s Education Manager, Robert Bleeker, states:

“Despite the ever-increasing scope of our training operations, I still don’t need a separate manager for CloudShare.  I think that speaks volumes for the way they work, as well as the functionality and scalability of their solution.”

So, read the full success story today – and get on your way to making your targets and bonuses!