10 Simple Steps for Converting Traditional Training Courses Into Effective VILT Programs

By Danielle Arad - October 27, 2016
1 min read

(Last updated in 2018)

Better late than never!

How to convert traditional classroom content to effective hybrid training (VILT) in 10 steps

What’s the biggest mistake in converting classroom training into a virtual cloud-based training environment?

A moment before you dive into your first VILT course, you might want to consider what not to do:

DO NOT copy-paste your original classroom course!

Think about it like posting something on social networks; if you post a professional article on Facebook, it’s most likely that almost no one is going to read it. However, if you post the same text on LinkedIn (even to the same crowd)- chances are more people will read it.  Fail to adjust your content to the platform, and you will lose your audience’s attention.

The most successful VILT courses were specifically designed to utilize the unique characteristics of the virtual cloud-based training environment and implemented thoroughly across all stakeholders in the organization. In the first article of our VILT series, we presented 9 vital practices for doing exactly that.

In our newly released second article, we offer 10 simple – but crucial – steps for converting traditional training courses into effective hybrid/VILT programs that equal (and even surpass) the benefits of traditional classroom training modalities.

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