CloudShare’s Virtual Training Labs Shine at IT-Logix’s BOAK 2017 BI Event

By Danielle Arad - September 19, 2017
2 min read

CloudShare customer and long-time partner, IT-Logix, just completed their 15th annual BOAK (BusinessObjects Arbeitskreis) event, which was held in Zurich on September 12. The annual event draws Swiss technical experts with interests around business intelligence (BI), big data, data warehousing and more.

This year’s BOAK event featured keynotes from Ian Mayor, Senior Director, Analytics Product Management at SAP, and Raphael Branger, Senior Solution Architect at IT-Logix, 16 break-out sessions, customer case studies, and hands-on sessions using CloudShare’s virtual IT labs.

Using CloudShare to Attract and Engage Attendees

IT-Logix has been using CloudShare’s virtual IT labs as part of its consulting and training practice for many years. In fact, this was the fifth time that they gave participants the ability to experience hands-on environments at the event. However, this was the first time that ITLogix employed CloudShare’s training module.

BOAK offered two different hands-on sessions attracting 15 participants each. Each participant got their own complete environment to work on – which they accessed simply by clicking on a link.

As a consulting company, IT-Logix typically uses CloudShare for smaller groups so this event led to a peak period of resource usage that they don’t encounter during the rest of the year. But they remained relaxed because they knew CloudShare would easily scale when needed.

Users Say…

When asked about their experience, one of the CloudShare users said, “It was great to have my own, isolated training environment. Even better that I can easily continue to use it after the event for a couple of weeks.”

What Makes A Happy Long-Term Customer

Raphael points to many reasons he enjoys using CloudShare including pointing out the fact that, “CloudShare reduces our setup time and configuration by 80%, as there is no need for manual cloning or for setting up individual user accounts, and also allows us to easily reuse our existing blueprints for the training.”

Additional benefits he attributes to CloudShare include:

  • Improved usability for event participants during the hands-on session
  • The ability easily set a policy to control how long environments can be accessible.
  • The value of being able to keep track of the class’ progress via the instructor console.

Summing it up, Raphael adds, “Performance was nice as usual with CloudShare, participants were happy.”

To see how IT-Logix prepared for the event, check out Raphael’s blog: My Life as a BI Consultant


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