How Fit Is Your Virtual Training Lab Solution?

By Stephanie Myara - May 24, 2017
1 min read

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So, you’re running a cloud based training lab because you know it’s best to train your students on real-life environments. But, do you really know if you’re virtual training software is providing the maximum value for your business?

Let’s face it: You need to be certain that your virtual cloud based training lab can power all your needs: replicate complex environments, spin up classes and add students at a moment’s notice, and more. In short, you need to know your fitness level.

A fit, virtual training software solution means that you can sleep at night knowing that your IT labs provide:

  • High reliability to keep your organization, partners & customers productive
  • Quick spin-up and one-click access to users regardless of their device
  • Rich features to provide an excellent student experience
  • An intuitive user interface that lets instructors easily setup & manage classes
  • Extensive analytics & reporting capabilities to measure success & ROI

So, how can you know how well your current solution stacks up?

CloudShare designed this simple quiz to help you assess your current solution and decide whether you need to consider alternative options.

Simply answer 10 short questions and get your results to see how you stack up!

Good luck!

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