Independence Day, Wonder Woman and…Virtual IT Training Labs?

By Stephanie Myara - July 5, 2017
3 min read

Aside from chowing down at barbecues, “ooh”-ing and “aah”-ing at fireworks, wearing a funny hat and watching parades, we usually don’t really give 4th of July another thought. We use the word ‘freedom’ so casually as if it’s like saying ‘ball game’ or ‘ice cream.’ But think about it for a second – we are free! Well, at least for the most part.

Because what does freedom really mean on a daily basis? Yes, choosing what to watch on Netflix is a sort of freedom, but our forefathers must have meant something a little more meaningful than that… To them, it meant relentlessly struggling to gain independence from old chains. And they weren’t the only ones; we all fight to unchain ourselves from old constraints-

In the latest box office blowout, “Wonder Woman,” the heroine struggles to end a war. However, the film’s subcontext offers a moral, showing a true wonder woman who fights back and stands strong in her beliefs and doesn’t accept limitations (after about a decade of no female heroines in Hollywood). In a sense, Wonder Woman is a freedom fighter, fighting off centuries of inferiority, dismissal, and underestimation for all women – she too is fighting for freedom of old constraints.

What we really want is freedom from constraints

Today it’s hard not to talk about freedom from old constraints without association to new technologies. We have come a long way from communicating via isolated telephone booths to instantaneous online communications and video conferences with friends and colleagues around the world. In fact, we have never been this connected before, let alone free to do almost whatever we want from virtually anywhere.

Leaving old physical limitations behind us makes it easier for us to stay connected to one another. This is what virtual training labs are all about – CloudShare’s virtual IT training environments not only allow trainers and trainees the freedom choose their own time and place for courses, but also give users the power to learn from one another, share knowledge and maximize accomplishments. Virtual training labs let learners dive deeper and learn better by immersing and manipulating real-life scenarios of software and systems.

The freedom to train and learn via virtual instructor-led courses, self-paced and certification courses, to access materials, to spin up classes ridiculously quick with minimum effort, the ability to experience an instructor-led classroom even when you’re a million miles away – this is what independence and freedom are for software trainers and learners.

Trainers’ fight for freedom, if you will, is the constant struggle to educate better, and in the most impactful way.

So while our forefathers fought for freedom of their mother country, and Wonder Woman for freedom of war (and a strong, courageous womanhood) – we believe in the freedom of companies and individuals to teach better, learn better, achieve mutual goals and strive for new ones.

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