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Aug 20, 2011 - < 1 min read
SharePoint as a Service CloudShare

Are you testing or developing a web application? Do you want to share the web application with others, like you would with any web application? We have an awesome new feature in CloudShare ProPlus to do just that. The Web Access feature is an efficient way to test, share, and work on your web application as you would any web application, via a URL. For every environment, you create in CloudShare, we allow you to enable the “Web Access” feature. When you enable this feature, you get a static URL that will not change while the environment exists or the feature enabled.

Web access feature machine list

This URL can be shared with anyone giving a convenient way to share the web application. Common use cases are:

1.) SharePoint Web Applications
2.) SharePoint Central Administration
3.) Apache Web Applications
4.) SaaS applications like Alfresco, DotNetNuke, Drupal, WordPress etc.

Web Access does not limit you in the number of people who can access the URL or when, even if your environment is suspended! By accessing this URL the environment will automatically be resumed, and when live the URL will resolve to the homepage of the web application. The ports we make available to web applications are port 80, and 3695.

What a great way to test applications in real use cases, demo your recently developed web application, or share a solution on top of SharePoint. Happy Cloud Sharing!