Boost the Potential of Your Channel Partner Relationships with CloudShare for Channels

Provide Channel Partners with an always-accurate, hands-on version of your software. They can sell, train, or demo with ease, dramatically shortening time to competency, and adding data-driven insight to the buyer journey.

Award-winning business acceleration solution trusted by the world’s leading software and Fortune 500 companies

Make it Easier for your Channel Partners

In today’s agile working cycle, your software never stays the same for long. Cloudshare for Channels provides your channel partners with hands-on software environments that are never out of date, improving the productivity and efficacy of your channel partner relationships.
  • Shorten time to competency for your product: Reduce the impact of feature updates or changes, by providing an always-accurate version of your software, in the cloud. Channel partners can get up to speed on new elements of your product in a fraction of the time, and eliminate the frequent delays between feature announcements and availability for end-users.
  • Make it easier to sell your software: Say goodbye to lengthy environment set-ups and complex architecture changes, making it easier for partners to sell on your behalf. Channel partners can set up training sessions, sales demos, PoCs, and certification classes, all from customizable templates, to truly mimic a customer environment in hours rather than days.
  • Support customers, even from afar: Stop worrying about degrees of separation, by ensuring your customers get an accurate view of your up-to-date software, and can test and play in their own safe, sandbox environment. At the same time as supporting customers, you’re giving your channel partners the best chance of success, by arming them with the simplest way to show your software from its best side.
  • Retain control over your channel relationships: Stay in charge of sales, marketing and distribution, with a single dashboard to control all of your channels activity. In today’s remote landscape, it’s more important than ever to provide access from anywhere, and managers can see all channels activity at a glance from any device with a web browser. Simple.
  • Manage costs and access control: Decide ahead of time which partners have access to which products, with smart policy creation for entitlement limits and partner usage. Optimize usage for each partner environment down to a single customer, or user, and get better insight into the true costs and ROI of your channel relationships.
  • Add 360 degree visibility and control: Remove the impact of physical distance, with insight into every one of your demos, training solutions, or POCs, anywhere in the world. Improve insight without the need to onboard new staff or resources, and provide true clarity into the impact of new features and product changes, in real-time.
  • Measure success intelligently: Follow metrics on frustration, churn, or customer success, utilizing real-world data to improve the platform from the inside. Shorten onboarding and sales cycles, and establish a data-driven model to measure how your channel partner relationships are working for both end-users, and your own organizational growth.

Ready to see how Cloudshare for Channels could revolutionize your channel partner relationships?

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