CloudShare Integration with Salesforce Enables Users to Deliver Demos and PoCs Directly from the Salesforce Application

Integration of Virtual Lab Environments Empowers Sales Engineers to be More Productive, Accelerates Sales Cycles

San Francisco, July 11, 2017 – CloudShare, a leading supplier of specialized cloud-based IT lab environments for software training, sales demos and PoCs (proof of concept), and development and testing, today announced that it has integrated CloudShare virtual lab environments with Salesforce. This integration enables users to send invitations to prospects for demos and PoCs directly from their Salesforce application.

The new CloudShare to Salesforce integration makes providing cloud-based demos a smooth and seamless part of the sales process. Sales engineers don’t need to leave their familiar Salesforce application. They simply choose the appropriate demo set-up from a dropdown list from within Salesforce, where they can easily see whether their prospect has accessed the demo and when the allotted trial time expires. Visibility into the prospect’s engagement level enables timely and relevant follow-up, accelerating the sales process.

“This unique innovative integration, not available from any other virtual IT lab provider, enables sales engineers to send demo and PoC invitations from within Salesforce, streamlining the sales process and eliminating the need for CloudShare administrators to provision and train sales people on the CloudShare system,” said Michal Frenkel, Director of Product at CloudShare. “CloudShare customers can now rapidly extend demo capabilities to a larger number of sales people, increasing sales opportunities while reducing demands on technical support resources.”

The integration package is available immediately at no additional charge to all CloudShare customers using Salesforce. The organization’s Salesforce administrator can install and configure it in minutes, so sales people can start using it without delay.

CloudShare’s cloud-based labs for demos and PoCs enable enterprise software vendors to expedite purchase decisions because they can demo their products to prospects around the world without shipping hardware, installing special software, enlisting IT support, or incurring travel costs. Prospects simply click a link to access the demo environment from any machine with a current Web browser. CloudShare’s specialized capabilities allow vendors to demonstrate full-blown versions of their products so they can showcase all important features, even if they operate in complex environments, as do cybersecurity vendors, for example.

For more information on CloudShare and its integration with Salesforce, click here.

About CloudShare

Founded in 2007 and headquartered in San Francisco, California, CloudShare provides specialized virtual IT environments for training, DevOps, demos and PoCs by enabling the quick and easy sharing of real-world environments, regardless of complexity. Our user-friendly turnkey solutions allow enterprises to benefit immediately from increased reach, responsiveness and scalability.

CloudShare customers include many leading software and cybersecurity companies, such as Palo Alto Networks, Atlassian, ForgeRock, Sophos, Dell and HP.