Do your clients know more than you do?

Here’s how to build a sales engineering dream team without the struggle.

In tech sales, you need a dream team, sales engineers who know the product inside and out and understand your potential clients’ technical requirements. But in the real world, that costs more than some companies are willing to invest. In fact, SE budgets are often the first to be cut.

If you’re struggling with the hassles of trying to staff and fund a fabulous sales engineering team who can speak your clients’ language, this webinar with Gregory Hanson of SmartBear is one you can’t miss.

“Sales engineers need to be the experts on not just your product stack, but the entire industry.” (Gregory Hanson )

Gregory has spent six years building up SmartBear’s comprehensive engineering sales division, which now includes five teams on four continents, supporting and promoting dozens of commercial products and software development tools.

In this dynamic webinar, Gregory will share with you tools to…

  • Prove the value of your SE team to executive leadership
  • Understand what type of SE is right for your organization
  • Cultivate a motivated, highly-performing team
  • Pave the way for your team’s success with modern sales tools
  • Understand which metrics matter to document your team’s value added

Your sales engineering team is a crucial point of contact for potential clients, so you can’t afford to cut corners.  This webinar will show you why you don’t have to compromise to create a winning SE team and keep them up to date with the skills, knowledge, and resources they need.


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