Why Virtual Cybersecurity Labs

Enterprises continue to grapple with cybersecurity issues and talent shortage on a daily basis. However, initiatives that educate and create a learning culture can reduce risks and increase capabilities in key areas. Virtual IT labs enable companies to stay ahead of the curve, plan forward and be able to build and run a wide variety of scenarios.

There are a number of use cases for which hands-on labs are the perfect fit within any organization. Continue below to learn about CloudShare’s solutions for:

  1. Training customers, partners, and employees
  2. Building demos and proofs of concept



Virtual Instructor-Led Training at Cyber Speed

Cyber security threats constantly evolve. Once you understand and handle known threats, new ones quickly emerge. You need to be prepared to quickly change training scenarios as new vulnerabilities are identified.

The single greatest asset of most companies, its people, can be its greatest weakness too. It’s unsettling, but worse is the lack of support for developing skills and qualified personnel.

With CloudShare’s scalable, hands-on virtual training labs you can achieve true employee engagement avoiding traps such as phishing attempts, using unprotected external devices, installing unsafe software etc while training your organization to protect itself from threats using real-life scenarios.

  • Build once: Easily create environments that can be reused anytime. There are even ready-made templates that ensure everyone is using the latest version when there are updates.
  • Exceptional experiences: Educate learners and empower instructors with real-world training situations that have a greater impact and multi-step classes that make learning more logical.
  • Simplified and safe: Our specialized cloud accommodates sophisticated, full-featured software and networks, including promiscuous mode and nested virtualization, while enabling training on playbooks and incident response in safe, sandboxed lab environments.
  • Stay ahead: Simulate emerging threats and handle cyber staff shortages by building training scenarios in advance – both for CISO office and non-technical employees – on new security risks.
  • Help when needed: Enable instructors to monitor live student environments and step in to provide assistance when they need it most with over-the-shoulder feature.
  • Teach more, save more: Time-saving cloud convenience means you can spend more time teaching while reducing costs and hassles such as travel and installation. You’ll also avoid surprises by paying only for what you use.
  • Certification: Provide knowledge and hands-on familiarity to help trainees prepare for skill-based programs that bolster credentials.

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Cybersecurity Product Demos and POCs in the Cloud

The biggest barrier keeping security companies from migrating to the cloud is the complexity of replicating and demonstrating a full blown product in a safe environment. Commodity cloud providers are not always able to handle the requirements and many a time offer a scaled down version of their product at best.

With CloudShare’s simple VM import and network configuration tools, showing off a demo or providing a hands-on POC is a snap and, with key analytics on user engagement, enables your team to greatly accelerate time to sale.

  • Showcase your product: Deliver demos and POCs that use real-world scenarios to fully illustrate product features, no matter how complex the environment.
  • Accelerate the cycle: Use advanced automated features to streamline activities from start to finish, giving your team more time to sell.
  • Create and control: Build new environments quickly and reuse them anytime, and with centralized creation, everyone gets the latest version as soon as it’s ready.
  • Increase revenue: Launch demos in minutes with no support from IT, expand market reach, grow revenue and increase competitive agility.
  • Gain visibility: See which prospects are trialing your POC and how they’re using your product; identify high and low points, and step in to help expedite closings.
  • Salesforce integration: Let your sales team send invites and monitor POCs directly from Salesforce, eliminating the need to learn a new platform, increasing outreach and productivity.
  • Reach more, save more: Time-saving cloud convenience means more time spent on reaching prospects. Plus, you’ll eliminate product shipping, travel and installation costs, and pay only for what you use – inactive sales environments are not charged.

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