InnoTech College Implements CloudShare’s Virtual Training Labs for Hands-on Software Training

Cloud-based Training Labs Are Key to InnoTech’s SharePoint Specialization Program

San Francisco, CA – October 25, 2017 – CloudShare, a leading supplier of specialized, cloud-based IT lab environments for software training, sales demos and PoCs (proof of concept), and development and testing, among other use cases, today announced that InnoTech College is using CloudShare’s cloud-based virtual training labs to support its Microsoft SharePoint specialization program.

InnoTech College is a private vocational college with two campuses in Alberta, Canada, offering programs in software, web and database development. The school recently launched a computer programming diploma program with a SharePoint specialization.

InnoTech wanted to provide students with easy access to SharePoint software both in and out of the classroom, without having to buy and maintain a full on-site system. The college looked to the cloud and turned to CloudShare for its ready-made template for SharePoint 2013 All-Up WorkStation with built-in licensing for use in Canada, which many other vendors were unable to provide.

After initially signing on for CloudShare’s self-service plan, InnoTech understood that they would benefit from greater functionality and additional lab hours for their students. CloudShare worked with InnoTech to create a custom plan to better fit InnoTech’s training needs, scale of operations and expected growth.

“CloudShare has saved us time and money by drastically accelerating the class setup process,” said Shaundra Bruvall, program delivery coordinator at InnoTech College. “More importantly, it is easy to configure and manage. With a few clicks, I can provide students with their own personal learning environment, which they can access from a browser link, without needing to install additional software. The fact that students can access their environments during instructor-led training and on their own, has made for an effective learning experience for students and educators.”

“The cloud offers a great deal of opportunity for higher education and training organizations, like InnoTech, where there is a need for hands-on IT training,” said Michal Frenkel, director of product at CloudShare. “CloudShare’s virtual training labs are helping InnoTech fulfill the important need for technical education. By minimizing technical and administrative requirements, InnoTech’s educators are able to focus on what they do best.”

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