Instructor-Led Training

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Handle any and all training scenarios

Offer instructor-led training for live classes, both in-person or online, supplemented by hands-on virtual labs. Proven scalability based on global data centers lets you ensure a flawless experience at events of any size.

Deliver exceptional trainer and student experiences

A smartly designed user interface and superior feature set optimizes the training experience. Students can access labs with a single click, while a full-featured instructor console supports over-the-shoulder monitoring, lab rollback, chat and more.

Simplify training operations via the cloud

Build, manage and provision robust virtual training environments on demand with unprecedented ease. Spin up new classes in minutes, create and reuse templates and blueprints, import/export images and easily setup VMs without IT involvement.

Focus resources on training content development

Reduce administrative overhead through automated scheduling, environment replication, preprogrammed activation and auto-suspension of "idle" labs. Inherent scalability and attractive pricing that includes software licensing help you control costs and focus resources on what matters.

Integrate seamlessly with LMS and other training systems

Robust REST APIs and a pre-integrated Zapier interface let you easily integrate virtual training labs with your LMS and other productivity tools. With CloudShare's cross-application workflows and APIs, you're always ready to tackle future training challenges.

CloudShare is trusted by worldwide industry leaders