Attendance at a training session?

That’s only step one. Now it’s time to keep them engaged.

Whether for prospects, channel partners, customers, or employees, there’s little value or ROI when they “just show up.”

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The biggest problem in virtual software training today is the lack of motivation and engagement. Even when trainees do arrive eager and motivated to learn, they often quickly lose focus, giving in to boredom and distraction that leads to fatigue, and ultimately, deem the training ineffective.

Learn how to keep your trainees engaged. Download this eBook to discover:

  • Why the engagement hurdle is so hard to beat in software training
  • How distant learning has added to the motivation hurdle
  • 5 best-practices for keeping employees and customers motivated and engaged with online training

"The fact that students can access their environments during instructor-led training and on their own, has made for an effective learning experience for students and educators."

Shaundra Bruvall, 

 CollegeProgram Delivery Coordinator, InnoTech 

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