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Masterclass: How to Deliver Engaging Hands-On Remote Training

Lee Berkman

Vincent Perquin

Enterprise Account Executive

Manager of BWise Academy


SAI Global

Learn How SAI Global Leverages CloudShare to Deliver Engaging Hands-On Remote Training


In today’s remote world, where learners suffer from virtual training fatigue at best, and drop off training programs at worst, delivering effective software training has never been more challenging.

In this webinar, sponsored by Training Industry, Vincent Perquin, manager of SAI Global’s BWise Training Academy, and Lee Berkman, CloudShare’s executive account manager, will provide insights on delivering engaging hands-on remote training using CloudShare’s user-friendly Business Acceleration Platform. Vincent will even build a live, real-world training session replicating their own system in minutes.

Watch this webinar to gain actionable insights on:

Simple training strategies for engaging, hands-on learning experiences

How SAI Global spins up real-world virtual classes in just minutes

How SAI Global leverages next-generation in-app interactive features like audio and video to boost learner retention

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