7 Best Virtual Sales Practices To Use Now, And Continue Later

Don’t write off the rest of 2020 when we’re only at the half-way point. With a shift in thinking, you could leverage the current situation to improve pre-sales, redirect resources and build a new layer of trust with your customers.

Watch this webinar on how current circumstances change sales for good—and for the better, to uncover practical tips that you can start seeing value from immediately.

You’ll learn:

- How to speed up time to value from your demos and POCs

- The route to successfully shift physical presence into virtual value

- Where your excess travel resources should be going, and why

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R "Ray" Wang

Founder & Principal Analyst

Constellation Research

Nicole France

VP & Principal Analyst

Constellation Research

Zvi Guterman

CEO & Co-Founder


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Viggy Book, Director of Training, Tufin Technologies

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