Infinidat spins up thousands of production-grade demo environments easily with CloudShare

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Agile product development has created a reality where software changes dynamically and dramatically, with regular feature updates and fixes as often as 3 weeks apart.

Infinidat spins up consistent demos, regardless of code changes, for every sales engineer.

Read the full case study to learn how Infinidat benefited from CloudShare virtual labs, including: 

  • Access to unlimited concurrent scalable environments from a centralized cloud platform
  • Providing all customers with an up to date version of any given product.
  • Enabling partners and resellers with everything they need to sell on Infinidat’s behalf. 
  • Reducing the time spent on technical configuration for demos, training and POCs.

“Knowing that, at this very moment, every single demo being run around the world starts from a single ‘squeaky clean’ blueprint that we control and update gives us peace of mind.”

Itai Weisman, Solution Engineering Team Leader @ Infinidat

Virtual Labs Benefits

Cost Savings

There was a clear reduction in operating costs, as well as in preparation time, with no need for physical presence.

Easy Setup

Trainers simply update the environment, schedule the class, and duplicate that environment for each session.

Secure and Simple

Attendees could play and test in a sandbox environment with no risk to another system.

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