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Live AMA withCustomer Education Experts

Debbie Smith

Daniel Quick


Thought Industries

Your Customer Education and Training Questions Answered


Had enough of one-way webinar talks? Looking for a more interactive session with Customer Education and Instructional Design experts? Watch this ask me anything event to hear these professionals answering live questions.

Learning strategist Debbie Smith, Program Manager at Braze, and experience designer Daniel Quick, Senior Director of Product Experience at Thought Industries joined us for a FULL HOUR of pure conversation with attendees.

Whether it’s about writing, gamification, course content and design, or anything else Customer Education related, Debbie and Daniel answered them all.

"What’s amazing is seeing clients get more comfortable with the idea of a remote training environment. We used to go to bat with clients to say ‘we can’t do this remotely, we absolutely have to fly in.’ Now it’s been turned upside down. We’re telling clients ‘We absolutely can do this remotely’ and we’re watching them grow in confidence in the remote tools, and believe in us.”

Brenna Strickland, Director of Global Training and Development

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