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WEBINARSoftware Training Made Easy with Seamless Integration:
The Tufin Story

Creating the best learning experience by combining an LMS and Virtual Labs for your training program

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Building an integrated learning tech stack

Chances are you’re already considering or using a handful of learning, content, delivery, communications and management solutions in your training tech stack. While each product plays a unique role, standalone they are just cogs in your complete training solution.

In order to create a successful solution, you need your tech stack to communicate effectively across each application in a way that makes for an intuitive learner experience and makes your training team’s jobs easier and more efficient.  Join us to learn:

Why integrations are critical in helping to create efficient and effective learning experiences

Current trends and best practices in integrating learning solutions with your tech stack

How Tufin, an IT network security company, is successfully leveraging LMS & virtual labs integration to produce a seamless and efficient learning experience

Accelerating full business lifecycles for thousands of worldwide enterprises, including: