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When Face to Face Training Isn’t an Option:7 Tips for Remote Training

Zvi Guterman

Lee Berkman


Virtual Labs Expert

Tips for remote training you may be overlooking


A recent report estimates that the global virtual training market will jump from $382 million to $490 million by 2023. Virtual training is on the rise — especially when global health crises cause travel bans, quarantines and event cancellations.

Check out this complimentary webinar where Lee Berkman and Zvi Guterman will outline what they’ve learned about virtual training throughout the company’s 12-year history, and share actionable insights on the most effective ways to harness the power of virtual training environments.

Some things you will learn about in this webinar:

Utilizing multiple online training tools

Working with local partners to drive users and offer free trials

Keeping online environments running after class is over

Offering online certification

Running multi-day training sessions

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