TechGenixNov 22, 2017

CloudShare VM Import Tool Makes It Easy to Move Virtual Machines to the Cloud

SHARE ON FACEBOOK TWEET ITCloudshare officially has a new VM Import tool so you can quickly and simply migrate VMware and Oracle VirtualBox VMs (virtual machines) to the cloud. CloudShare is one of the top suppliers of specialized cloud-based IT lab environments, including software training, development and testing, and more. The CloudShare VM import tool features an extensible library of customizable virtual machine templates that include built-in licensing for SharePoint, Linux, Docker, and a number of other operating systems and applications.

One Million by One Million BlogNov 13, 2017

Scaling to Profitability with $20 Million in Venture Capital: CloudShare CEO Zvi Guterman

Sramana Mitra interview Zvi Guterman, CEO of CloudShare and discovers how Zvi has built a $25M a year in profitable revenue with $20M in venture capital from Sequoia and other investors.

Associate for Talent DevelopmentNov 01, 2017

Mad Virtual Scientists

Technology is revolutionizing the way people learn, and that's especially true for virtual training labs. Given the benefits associated with them, it's not surprising that these digital environments, which let people practice with new tech tools or conduct experiments, are growing in popularity.

SD TimesOct 23, 2017

5 Ways to Drive Business Results with Customer Training

Customer training is a critical but frequently overlooked business driver for software companies. As the industry has increasingly moved from a perpetual license model to subscription services, securing renewals has become just as important as winning new business.

Tech.CoOct 02, 2017

Why There’s Still Room for Cloud Solution Startups

Public cloud adoption is rising. A recent Cowen study revealed that companies will be spending 16 percent more on public cloud services in 2017 year-over-year. Organizations are also increasing their use of cloud resources in their work. 18 percent of workloads are now supported by public cloud and 77 percent of current cloud users are likely to add a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) workload in the next two years.

The ScotsmanSep 24, 2017

Training Software Developer Administrate Inks US Deals

The Edinburgh-based firm, which develops software to help clients such as “big four” accountant PwC and the University of York run online training programmes, has partnered with sales and marketing group Lead Liaison, headquartered in Texas, and San Francisco’s CloudShare, a provider of “virtual labs” for IT training and sales demonstrations.