PR NewswireJul 11, 2017

CloudShare Integration with Salesforce Enables Users to Deliver Demos and PoCs Directly from the Salesforce Application

CloudShare, a leading supplier of specialized cloud-based IT lab environments for software training, sales demos and PoCs (proof of concept), and development and testing, today announced that it has integrated CloudShare virtual lab environments with Salesforce. This integration enables users to send invitations to prospects for demos and PoCs directly from their Salesforce application.

Infosecurity MagazineJun 27, 2017

Are Cybersecurity Companies Compatible with the Cloud?

The eternal battle between cloud and security, and the determination of whether cloud is actually secure, has been going on for many years now. Are cloud and security companies still enemies in 2017, in a world where cloud storage, hosted applications and SaaS options are increasingly popular?

The Next WebJun 26, 2017

How the Cloud Has Changed Education and Training

A few years ago, the cloud was a promise to reduce costs of IT and improve flexibility and scaling by providing on-demand computing, storage and services to every organization. Today, the cloud is a ubiquity we take for granted. We expect every file, every service and digital asset we have to be available across all our devices everywhere we go, at any time of the day.

Tech SlingJun 22, 2017

How to Avoid the Top 5 Virtual Training Instruction Mistakes

Training your clients in new technology and digital resources can be a chore. In fact, many organizations struggle with their training programs because they’re unsure how to best get students to engage or how to improve the learning experience. Often the problem is multi-fold: too small of a team, poor preparation, an ill-fitting trainer, or lack of understanding. Still, no matter the issue, client education and training is not an option, it’s a must. In fact, it’s one of the most critical aspects of any software or technology deployment program and vital to client retention.

SalesforceJun 22, 2017

3 Ways Virtual Demos Can Help Close More Tech Sales

B2B buying decisions are becoming increasingly complex. The number of stakeholders involved in the purchase decision continues to rise. To compound the problem, buying teams opt to do much of their own research first, only reaching out to vendors when they’re more than halfway through the process, which is well past the point where internal conflicts peak.

ToolboxMay 24, 2017

How Virtual Training Helps New Tech Team Members Get Up to Speed

Software development teams are now facing bigger challenges than ever before. Competition in tech has gone global, with larger companies, smaller startups, and independent developers targeting overlapping talent markets. Product life cycles are shrinking in duration.