VMblog.comFeb 13, 2019

CloudShare 2019 Predictions: Multi-cloud Environments, Advanced Analytics and Virtual IT Labs Gain Prominence in 2019

It's easy to get bogged down in details and lose sight of the "big picture" when it comes to predicting the future of IT. Numbers can be represented in various ways to show different views without assessing the true drivers behind technology. That said, there were a few indisputable trends - from multi-cloud adoption to virtual training developments - that increasingly gained strength over the past year.

Chief Learning OfficerFeb 06, 2019

Corporate Training Tech Developments You Need to Watch in 2019

Innovation in learning and cost efficiencies are being realized through virtual training and IT labs. Here are specific areas to consider as you look ahead.

Channel FuturesFeb 06, 2019

Is Gamification Working in Security Training?

Is gamification just a fun trend that fails to actually score? … talent scouting and recruitment, a fact not lost on either budding or seasoned security professionals. But the point here is that the friendly competition in gamified competitions is a great motivator in mastering security skills.

Sales EvangelistFeb 06, 2019

The Value of Giving Prospects Hands-on Control During Presentations and Leave-Behind

What is the value of giving prospects hands-on control during presentations and leave behinds? Zvi Guterman, founder and CEO of CloudShare, is here today to tell us. CloudShare is a cloud company providing IT labs as a service mainly for IT training, IT sales enablement, and sandboxing, all in the cloud.

Training IndustryDec 28, 2018

Training Company Executives Weigh in on L&D in 2019

At the end of the year, it’s a good idea to reflect on where you’ve come and where you’re going. This practice is good in your personal life – but it’s also good for business. To that end, Training Industry spoke with several executives from corporate training companies to gain their insights on 2018 and their predictions for 2019. Here’s what they had to say.

Customer ThinkDec 13, 2018

Lasting Results: Five Tips for Building a Strong Customer Success Team

Service is about reacting to an inbound problem from a customer; it’s most often an immediate support function meant to resolve a specific issue. Customer success, on the other hand, is about leveraging such “touches” to grow a long-term relationship.