Computing MagazineJul 30, 2018

CloudShare Is Finalist for Computing Cloud Excellence Awards 2018

The judges have spoken! We are proud to share that we have been shortlisted for Computing’s 2018 Cloud Excellence Awards in the category of Best Software – Defined Infrastructure Product, in the good company of Box and AT&T Business Services among others.

Training IndustryJul 30, 2018

CloudShare Ranked Among 2018 Top Training Delivery Companies

Training Industry continuously monitors the training marketplace looking for the best providers of services/technologies in support of corporate learning and development. This second annual list is designed to help buy-side organizations in their search for training delivery platforms.

Tech Blog WriterJul 30, 2018

Why Cybersecurity Training Needs a Scalpel, Not a Chainsaw

Zvi Guterman, CEO, CloudShare, was invited by Technology Blog Writer to talk about why organizations are falling behind on cybersecurity training. He has spent 20 years building extraordinary teams in organizations as large as the Israeli Defense Forces and as small as a startup taking its first steps. As a serial entrepreneur and business leader, his focus is on finding the optimal balance between technology, market needs, and costs.

Help Net SecurityJul 18, 2018

How to Use the Cloud to Improve Your Technology Training

Anyone who has tried to hire an IT expert knows that the shortage of qualified people is real. We’re not just talking about IT security jobs, either. Almost every area of tech faces a skills shortage that threatens to sap productivity and presents challenges to IT departments of all sizes. Informal on-the-job training has been the norm for most IT teams. However, the rise of cyberthreats and the pace at which they arise leaves companies looking for more structured and timely security education.

IT Pro PortalJul 06, 2018

Sales Enablement Tips for the Channel

For companies offering B2B technologies, there’s no faster way to achieve the coveted exponential growth curve than through a strong network of channel partners. These partnerships can open up new markets and supercharge customer acquisition rates, giving companies the edge they need to move from contenders to market leaders. On the flip side, a poorly executed channel strategy can cripple a startup or emerging company and cause setbacks from which they may never recover.

Cyber Startup ObservatoryJul 05, 2018

A Look at Where the "Big Three" Clouds Fail Cybersecurity and Software Vendors

Despite increasing adoption of the cloud, there’s likely one topic you haven’t heard much about: where the giant public cloud providers are falling short. The truth is that the large commodity cloud providers (think AWS, Azure, Google Cloud) don’t support many of the complex networking features needed to bring on-premise enterprise applications to the cloud unchanged.