Training MagazineSep 18, 2017

The Latest Training Industry Mergers, Acquisitions, Partnerships, and More

CloudShare, a supplier of specialized cloud-based IT lab environments for software training, sales demos and PoCs (proof of concept), and development and testing, integrated CloudShare virtual lab environments with Salesforce. This integration enables users to send invitations to prospects for demos and PoCs directly from their Salesforce application.

DigitSep 10, 2017

Edinburgh Tech Firm Administrate Secures Silicon Valley Deal

Edinburgh-based software developer Administrate has secured a potentially million-pound deal with one of Silicon Valley’s fastest growing cloud-based technology firms, CloudShare. The deal with CloudShare will enable the company to provide greater value to increase the scope of its business and provide services to more customers.

The Sunday TimesSep 10, 2017

Edinburgh Start-Up Strikes Deal with Silicon Valley Cloud Tech Firm

A Scottish tech start-up has clinched a deal that could be worth millions of pounds with one of Silicon Valley’s fastest growing cloud-based technology firms.

TechTargetSep 08, 2017

Windows DevOps Tools Rehab Legacy Enterprise Applications

When Windows DevOps shops want to modernize legacy applications, third-party services and VM-based automation techniques can take them on the first steps.

Windows IT ProSep 07, 2017

CloudShare Adds VM Import Migration Tool for VMware, Oracle VMs

Administrators of VMware and Oracle VirtualBox virtual machine cloud environments now have another weapon they can use to ease their VM migrations – the new VM Import Tool from CloudShare.

Learning Solutions MagazineSep 06, 2017

Choosing a Cloud for Training: General Purpose or Specialized?

In recent years, advances in technology have radically altered the potential scope and scale of online education. Where once companies that provided software training had to be in the same physical location as their students, cloud-based training means students can learn from anywhere with an internet connection.