ToolboxMay 24, 2017

How Virtual Training Helps New Tech Team Members Get Up to Speed

Software development teams are now facing bigger challenges than ever before. Competition in tech has gone global, with larger companies, smaller startups, and independent developers targeting overlapping talent markets. Product life cycles are shrinking in duration.

World NewsMay 23, 2017

Make Sure Your Cloud-Based Training Solution Lives Up to the Hype

“The cloud” seems to be taking over the world, as more and more businesses are moving their assets and corporate training programs to a virtual environment. As of today, 70 percent of enterprises are using at least one cloud application, according to research by IDG. The same survey established that within a year, an additional 16 percent of organizations will join them. But not all is sunshine and roses in paradise.

TMCNet - Cloud Computing MagazineMay 04, 2017

Why Turnkey Solutions Beat Generic Cloud Services in Virtual Training Delivery

There’s no denying it – cloud has arrived. Cloud technology has seen adoption grow rapidly in recent years and is expected to be even bigger business. Forrester expects public cloud services to be worth $236 billion by 2020 and, if the new year hasn’t sunk in yet, that’s just three years away.

Innovation EnterpriseApr 13, 2017

4 Reasons Why Premium Cloud Solutions Are Better For Virtual Training Than General Cloud Services

When looking for a cloud-based solution for your virtual training sessions, you will be presented with a lot of options, but before you can narrow it down, you have an important decision to make: Should you choose a premium cloud solution or a general cloud service?

IBM Developer WorksApr 12, 2017

3 Qualities to Look for in a Cloud-Based Training Provider

You can significantly improve the effectiveness of your training processes by adopting a cloud-based virtual training platform. But with the plethora of options out there (both general and premium cloud-based training solutions), choosing the right one for your business can seem like an overwhelming challenge.

ForbesApr 11, 2017

La Bataille Du Cloud Computing : Google En Lice Pour Surpasser Microsoft Et Amazon ?

Le cabinet d’études de marché Gartner prévoit que d’ici à 2020 le « cloud computing » ( services informatiques en ligne ) représentera près de 383 milliard de dollars de chiffre d’affaire. Cette année, une hausse de 18% est attendue, les acteurs du marché « cloud » s’affirment de plus en plus et espèrent récupérer leur part du gâteau.