Customer ThinkDec 13, 2018

Lasting Results: Five Tips for Building a Strong Customer Success Team

Service is about reacting to an inbound problem from a customer; it’s most often an immediate support function meant to resolve a specific issue. Customer success, on the other hand, is about leveraging such “touches” to grow a long-term relationship.

MarTech SeriesNov 19, 2018

The Very Real Benefits of Selling With Virtual IT Labs

The days of winning sales with hard pitching are over: Prospects no longer live in an information vacuum where they have to rely on your claims. Companies spend millions to create sophisticated solutions only to lose prospects because they’re unable to powerfully demonstrate value.

Martech AdvisorsNov 08, 2018

The New Sales Vehicle: Letting Prospects Test Drive Your Product On Their Own

If you’re lucky, your competitors still use traditional sales presentations and demonstrations to win customers. You have a better way to drive sales. Perhaps you agree and are ready to boot up that fully customized PowerPoint presentation.

The Channel Happy HourOct 22, 2018

Interview – Channel Happy Hour Episode 170 – Demoing Is Believing

The Channel Happy Hour talks with Zvi Guterman, Founder & CEO of CloudShare.

http://virtual-strategy.comOct 17, 2018

Interview with Zvi Guterman, Founder and CEO of CloudShare

CloudShare is a specialty cloud provider that helps software companies replicate software applications and IT environments in the cloud for training, sales enablement and sandboxing for testing and support.

thenewstack.ioSep 25, 2018

Tired of Training Challenges? Head to the Cloud

Many of us see technology training as a necessary evil. You sacrifice a couple of days to go to an offsite location and learn about the new software product you’re installing, or you spend a week in a conference room onsite looking at PowerPoint slides or a recorded demo.