Learning SolutionsMay 08, 2018

eLearning Must Evolve for Technical Training

It has never been more important for the enterprise to ensure that their information technology (IT) technical training programs are effective. The IT skills shortage is real, and it’s not just limited to cybersecurity.

Learning SolutionsMay 03, 2018

Leaders in the Limelight: Zvi Guterman

"Early in my career I reported to Guy Sella, who today is the founder and CEO at SolarEdge. He told me that when you are leading your own company, you should put your focus on the right people," says CloudShare's CEO, Zvi Guterman. Read more to discover the values, challenges and successes of CloudShare's very own, Zvi Guterman.

Training MagazineApr 11, 2018

How to Choose the Right Cloud for Your Training Needs: General Purpose or Specialized?

Technology innovation is radically transforming online education. Where software training once had to take place in a central, physical classroom, the advent of the cloud frees students to learn from anywhere with an Internet connection. But not all clouds are the same. Training organizations have two choices. They can choose to use one of the major commodity cloud services (such as Amazon Web Services or Microsoft Azure) and build their own online training environment. Or they can go with a specialist cloud service that provides an environment built specially for the needs of training organizations.

Read IT QuickFeb 28, 2018

CloudShare Announces CloudShare for Support

CloudShare, a cloud-based training platform, has introduced CloudShare for Support. The company says the new offering enables technical support teams to substantially accelerate time to resolution and improve productivity.

VM BlogFeb 27, 2018

CloudShare Introduces CloudShare for Support: A Cloud Service That Helps Enterprises Solve More Customer Issues in Less Time

CloudShare, a specialty cloud provider that helps software companies replicate complex on-premise IT environments in the cloud for training, sales enablement, and sandboxing for testing and support, today announced its new CloudShare for Support offering that helps technical support teams significantly speed up time to resolution and increase productivity.

TechTargetFeb 26, 2018

Bare-Metal Cloud Services Lure Legacy Workloads Off Premises

For some enterprises, bare-metal services in the cloud act as a crucial steppingstone to an IaaS deployment, and providers, including IBM, Oracle and AWS, have taken notice. Bare-metal services might seem counterintuitive -- even a step back -- in a cloud market that evolves so rapidly...