Post-Sales Customer Training

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More knowledge means more software sales

Ongoing, hands-on training makes sure your customers and partners get the most out of each new system release. Keeping partners up-to-date with the latest features will give them the knowledge they need to boost sales.

Give your customers the flexibility they deserve

Each customer has unique training needs, which usually change over time. From instructor-led and self-paced training to large events and technical certification courses, you can deliver any training scenario using one hands-on virtual labs solution.

Create virtual training environments effortlessly

Build, manage and provision advanced virtual training labs with nothing more than a web browser and an internet connection. Dedicated tools, fully customized templates and automatic software installation save you time and money in lab creation.

Leverage the economies of the cloud

Scale your training operation as you grow, without worrying about the capacity of your in-house infrastructure. Leverage the cloud's cost-effective scalability to add courses and create labs, as needed, without sacrificing performance or reliability.

Eliminate administrative overhead

Minimize manual and tedious administrative tasks through a full set of automated processes, including scheduling, environment replication, preprogrammed activation and auto-suspension. Efficient scheduling, fast class spin-up and simple student access let you focus on what matters [or actual training].

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