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In your personalized 20-minute demo, our solution experts will show you everything you can get from an impactful virtual IT lab all-in-one solution.

What’s behind door #1:

  • Wonderfully collaborative capabilities like in-lab chat, Slack integration, webhooks, and over-the-shoulder view to boost engagement.
  • Time and money saving through fully customized virtual labs for any use case, spun up in minutes – not hours!
  • Virtual labs that are fully functioning replicas of your on-prem product or software, delivering value for everyone – from prospects to customers.

“Powerful, easy to use, quick to spin up environments”


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Join over 1 million users and Fortune 500 companies using CloudShare

Having that ability to log in, see how they’re using the environment, and what they’re doing in real-time when there’s a problem – without asking another team to be involved – is invaluable.

Paul Cleary – Venafi

Ecosystems Division

Multiple award winning software

Why Use CloudShare?

Blazing-Fast Performance & Easy Setup

Create or clone environments in minutes to mimic real world experiences for demos, POCs, and training. No code required – all you need is your web browser (and the internet, obviously).

Hands-on, Engaging Experiences

Whether your focus is sales, onboarding, training, or something else, our easy-to-use, intuitive, and fully customizable virtual IT lab software empowers you to build winning experiences your audience will never forget.

Smart Cost Control From Day One

Smart cost control helps you stay on budget and in control of the environments you create. With one-click activation, timed suspension of trial accounts, and unlimited, elastic scale, managing your usage is easy.

Optimize Training & POCs with Actionable Analytics

Whether you’re creating a new POC, interactive demos, or streamlining training, CloudShare gives you the data-driven insights needed to optimize any experience. See where users are engaging or dropping off, directly from the CloudShare dashboard.