Self-Paced Training

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Boost training revenues with hands-on e-learning

Grow revenues by offering convenient self-paced training with the same live hands-on experience as instructor-led training. E-learning can be accompanied by recorded instruction and course books to ensure the best possible results.

Get up and running quickly with minimal IT support

Setting up and provisioning a virtual training lab is simple. Create an environment using our automated tools, set the dates for course availability, and the number of hours allowed per student. That's it – you're open for business!

Give students an easy, no-hassles experience

Students can easily connect to virtual machines from their browser without having to install special software. This increases engagement rates and means less support calls. Intuitive and advanced UI design enhances both productivity and the overall experience.

Streamline training resources and scale cost-effectively

With our cloud-based infrastructure, you can accommodate as much self-paced training as needed without worrying about adding computing resources. Streamline operations by automating time-consuming tasks and optimize resource utilization by automatically suspending idle labs.

Make self-paced training an integral part of your offering

Maximize the efficiency of your training operations by integrating e-learning with your LMS. Our REST APIs let you automate hands-on lab setup in CloudShare, while course registration and student communications are handled by your LMS.

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