Deliver Interactive Virtual Instructor-Led Training over Your SaaS Applications

Enjoy CloudShare’s expert training solution while leveraging your own SaaS infrastructure.

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Without a specialized training solution over your SaaS infrastructure, software vendors lack functionalities for effective instructor-led training, including the ability to easily set up classes, monitor progress and assist students in real-time.

CloudShare’s new training solution for SaaS is feature-packed and optimized for the easy and cost-effective delivery and management of hands-on training over your SaaS infrastructure. Now you can benefit from the very best training features and empower your SaaS training team for success.

Everything You Need for Exceptional Learning Experiences

  • Simple to set up and use – There’s no need for dedicated administrative staff. Instructors schedule classes and automatically send student invitations with a URL. Students access with a click, from any browser, with no plugin to download or install.
  • Real-time interactions – Full-featured instructor console enables instructors to supervise an entire class from a single screen. Trainers can see each student’s progress in real-time, and easily take control and assist when needed.
  • Insightful analytics – Built-in analytics with ready-made dashboards let you examine performance data to help refine and improve your training offerings.

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Don’t compromise the effectiveness of your training by relying on low-touch solutions, when in minutes you can deliver interactive hands-on training that gets the results you want.

Kevin Streater, Director of Global Training  
With CloudShare, we have scaled the business without having to give another thought to the platform we’re running on.

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