Building Docker with Jenkins: Top Four Annoyances & Their Fixes

docker jenkins

If you’re using Jenkins to build and test Docker images, we have a new Jenkins plugin that’s going to change your life. Instead of building images on Jenkins itself (or on a slave) you can check a box and have…

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Using Docker-Machine with CloudShare


Docker-Machine lets you run Docker commands on remote hosts. It integrates with all the popular cloud providers, and as of today, this includes CloudShare. Docker-Machine? Yes, Docker-Machine. You know – that thing everyone used for a while to run Docker…

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CloudShare ❤️ Ansible


Are you using Ansible to manage your servers? High-five! 🙏 We use it, too. If you’re not familiar with Ansible, it is similar to Chef or Puppet, but for people who prefer Python over Ruby or whatever language Puppet currently…

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Go Go CloudShare SDK!


We are excited to announce the availability of our Go-SDK – a Golang wrapper for CloudShare’s REST API. After Python, C# and Javascript, it’s about time we showed Golang some love. Getting Started Eager Go developers, simply run go get…

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Watch Churchill (2017) Full Movie

Churchill (2017)DirectorJonathan Teplitzky.Producer-Production CompanySalon Pictures.ReleaseMay 25, 2017CountryUnited Kingdom, United States of America.LanguageEnglish.Runtime110 minGenreWar, Drama, Thriller.PLAY MOVIEDOWNLOAD ‘Churchill’ is a movie genre War, was released in May 25, 2017. Jonathan Teplitzky was directed this movie and starring by Brian Cox. This…

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