Technical Certification Training

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Prepare your customers for certification and accreditation exams

Help your customers prepare for rigorous certification exams, which often require both theoretical knowledge and hands-on familiarity. Virtual hands-on labs help students test their knowledge and prepare for the skill-based portion of your certification program.

Make sure students practice in real-world environments

Certification and accreditation exams test students' real-world experience with a given technology. Simulations won't cut it - make sure your students know their stuff by giving them a real hands-on environment to practice in.

Enhance your customers' product/technological expertise

Design and implement instructor-led and self-paced certification prep courses that help IT professionals demonstrate their expertise in your software. Certification training improves technical skills and validates proficiency in installing, configuring, maintaining your products.

Set your firm apart from the competition

Dazzle customers and partners with a cutting-edge virtual training lab that gives them everything they need to prepare for your certification exams without leaving home. Setup and deliver hands-on training for as many students as you need.

Grow your training revenues

Increase the profitability of your training program by offering certification programs based on a scalable and cost-effective cloud platform. Quickly develop and deploy new courses to meet user demand for accreditation training.

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