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Technology built from the ground up with the ultimate solution firmly in mind

The principles behind the technology

  • Ease of use – Because user experience is more than just graphics
  • Fast Time to Value – Ready-to-use templates, included licensing, and an all-around great UX
  • Real world networking in the cloud – Make the cloud really rain
  • Automation – Designed to make your life easier with RESTful API, inter-application workflows, activity sensing, environment policies, and standby
  • Visibility & control – Giving you the ability to easily track and manage your resources
  • Scalable architecture – Achieved through use of microservices, horizontal scaling, and no SPoF

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The features that realize the principles


CloudShare environments are easy to spin up, share, and manage. Create an environment in minutes using one of our pre-configured templates, or create a fully-customized environment using our VM templates or your own.


Fully-configurable networking capabilities ensure your CloudShare environment is an exact match of your on-prem environment – even the IP and MAC addresses.


With numerous methods for sharing environments, CloudShare makes it easy to collaborate with colleagues, give students the hands-on IT labs they need, and demo your product at its best.


CloudShare’s robust RESTful API and available third-party app integrations give you the ability to create seamless workflows and efficient toolchains.

Environments at the center

The true power of CloudShare is born of the environment paradigm – a single entity that combines computing resources, networking, operating systems, software, and memory state into one easy-to-use and manage entity.

Here’s just some of what makes CloudShare environments so special:

  • Self-service, on-demand provisioning, requiring little or no support from IT
  • Environments that spin up in minutes – not hours, days, or weeks
  • Easy imaging and cloning – ensuring full consistency and making it easy to return to your golden image
  • Reporting, BI analytics, and dashboards to ensure full visibility to resource and environment usage
  • A rich library of best-practice templates – both for full environments and for individual VMs – all fully-customizable and with software licensing included
  • Automation features designed to help you conserve environment resources – configurable environment policies, activity sensing, suspend, and standby
  • Environment isolation and security – employing standards such as encrypted SSL over HTTPS, role and IP-based access control, SSO using SAML 1.x and 2.x, IPsec VPN, API token authentication, and more

Unrivaled networking support

Thanks to CloudShare’s versatile support for networks – whether complex or simple – cloud migration doesn’t need to be a laborious, time-consuming affair. Just set up your network to work on-cloud exactly as it does on-prem, and you are off and running.

Support for complex topology, layer 2 networking, and specific IP and MAC addresses

NAT capabilities and environment isolation prevent configuration drift

Advanced connectivity options including public IP addresses, public internet access, published services, and direct connect

IPsec site-to-site VPN allowing environments to exist in a hybrid on-cloud/on-prem configuration

Fully-configurable network topology view making it easy to visualize and maintain even the most complex configurations

Shared Environment feature allows for interconnectivity and communication among CloudShare environments

Collaboration made easy

In today’s business environment, the ability to work across campuses, time zones, and the globe is no longer optional. Whether it’s developing and testing code, demonstrating your product, or providing IT training, CloudShare offers numerous options and features that make sharing environments a snap.

  • End-user sharing portal allowing customizable environment access with a single URL. You can even add your own corporate branding!
  • With HTML5 access capabilities, there’s no need to install clients or plugins. All your users need is an internet connection and web browser to access their environments
  • Flexible access methods via published services (such as RDP and SSH), public IP address, and API tokens

Forward-thinking interactivity

As the demands of business become ever more demanding, the need for automation and agility have never been greater. CloudShare’s API and available integrations make sure your various productivity tools play nicely together. Now if only your children would...

  • SDKs and full RESTful and OAuth2 support make it possible to spin up environments and run automated scripts.
  • Available third-party integration tool provides the ability to create efficient workflows between CloudShare and hundreds of other apps.