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The Virtual Training Snack Pack is a collection of content created to satisfy your every need to understand the value of virtual software training. In once place, you’ll find nine assets we believe will guide you through the process of evaluating your virtual training options and making informed decisions.

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The Virtual Training Snack Pack includes:

  • eBook: 51 Best Practices to Achieve New Levels of Performance for Your Software Training
  • Analytics overview: Detailed measurement and reporting insights from our help center
  • eBook: The Influencers Guide to Greater Training Efficiency and Profitability in 2019
  • Webinar: Beat the Forgetting Curve with Learning by Doing
  • Case study: BWise Academy Overcomes Scalability and IT Hurdles to Leap Ahead
  • eBook: How to Choose the Right Cloud learning Solution for Your Training Courses
  • Product sheet: CloudShare for Training & Education
  • Video: Ready-made Premium Cloud Environments
  • Free CloudShare demo
  • Additional resources


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