The Virtual IT Training Labs Cloud Buyer's Guide

Stop wasting time on unreliable comparison charts and sites. 

This comprehensive guide will ensure you are answering all the right questions when transitioning to a cloud-based training provider.


We've included a 3-part checklist to test yourself against 3 vital criteria that will get you ahead of the game.

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What's inside this guide?

The core criteria necessary for global scalability

The features mandatory for superior student & instructor experience

The benefits & rewards of cloud economics & measurable ROI

agree using virtual training labs is natural & enjoyable


agree using virtual training labs increases productivity


rated their company's virtual IT training as "always effective"


What do actual IT trainees feel about virtual IT training?

*Taken from the 2017 Virtual IT Training Labs Industry Report

"As we continue to move more and more to the cloud, it’s partnering with innovative companies like CloudShare that will get us where we need to go."

Alan Boehme

Global Chief Technology Officer and Vice President of Information Technology Innovation at P&G

A powerful cloud lab provider is your competitive edge.

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