AWS cloud labs have a number of benefits for the IT industry. Firstly, they improve your ability to train employees and customers on technical software that is built to be used on the AWS cloud, providing an identical, replicable and scalable solution for remote, hands-on learning.

Secondly, virtual hands-on labs for cloud are also a profitable tool for sales enablement. With a real-world environment that mirrors your solution, you can allow users to really kick the tires of a new product before they buy. As all sessions are isolated and secure, there is zero risk to the rest of the network, providing the user the freedom to test and play to their heart’s content.

Today, AWS has the lion’s share of the public cloud market, and CloudShare provides an AWS cloud test environment that is second to none. Combining the might of AWS with the simplicity and control of CloudShare, we facilitate virtual training and sales enablement sessions (sales demos and POCs) that can be spun up in minutes, are seamless to manage, and truly cost-effective to run.

Any specific cloud test environment on the AWS cloud

The CloudShare wizard allows anyone to begin building a replicable version of any specific architecture on the AWS cloud, with no technical background necessary. You benefit from the strengths of both the AWS cloud environment, and the resilient CloudShare platform, all in one.


Users will play and test with ultimate peace of mind

Each virtual lab environment is built to be automatically isolated, with no impact on the rest of the network. The experience is highly performant, as well as augmented with everything the instructor or user needs, such as mixed media, surveys, downloads and more.

Instructors can view everything in the cloud test environment at a glance

From one centralized console, an instructor can see everything they need to run a session. If a specific user is having trouble, ‘over the shoulder’ mode and ‘zoom-in’ functionality even allows for remote view and control of a specific screen.


The only way to keep up with the pace of AWS itself, is via AWS cloud labs

When Amazon Web Services updates a feature, there’s no need to start again from square one. Any updates to your own software can be edited from an existing session, whether that’s new hardware requirements, or a change to access permissions or content.

Build a cloud test environment, at cloud scale

Think bigger and faster than any in-person training or sales enablement session could be, with a potential for thousands of environments running simultaneously, all monitored from a central console. New training sessions are set up in minutes, and are taken down automatically and sales demos and POCs can be sent to any number of users in one click.

Hands-on labs for cloud training, demos and POCs, even outside of AWS

If your software needs to be used in a hybrid environment, it can be costly and awkward to set up separate training classes or sales demos for your on-prem and public cloud applications. Not with CloudShare. Looking to add a view of Azure or GCP? Just open multiple cloud view to facilitate cross-platform training side by side.

Resource quotas keep provisioning under your control

With complete control over your AWS cloud training, you can set soft and hard limits for anything from CPU to memory. Set a timeframe for your environments, and rest assured it’s been torn down to your specifications to avoid unexpected costs.


CloudShare is the simplest virtual labs solution for AWS cloud training and sales enablement. Managing training environments at scale has never been easier, with hands-on advanced trainee experiences, granular cost-control and a simple route to increased sales.
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