Online Virtual Training Environments - Overview

Create Virtual Training Sessions, Online & On-Demand, In One Click.

CloudShare's online training lab changes the way software organizations conduct enterprise software-based training for customers, partners and employees. 
Enterprise training teams are faced with great challenges when it comes to setting up software training sessions. They need to effectively balance demands for greater efficiency and cost control, while enabling students to get “hands-on” with enterprise applications as well as provide greater course flexibility and responsiveness. This is close to impossible to do with on-site training where software training teams need to travel to remote third-party classrooms, satellite offices, or customer sites and deal with the complex training class set up and management that includes software, hardware, and network configurations. 
Virtual machine technology, e-learning and LMS tools initially showed great promise in addressing such challenges, but they have not substantially eased the burden and don’t address the need for students to get truly “hands on.”
The challenge remains: 
How do software trainers become more on-demand for their students – even with appliances and hardware?
How do they get students engaged, and quickly, without increasing your costs? And how do they focus on delivering quality training instead of managing logistics?
CloudShare's Online Training Solution
CloudShare's hosted lab environments empower training managers to take their on-site training environments and bring them to the cloud, in less than a minute. Leveraging an easy-to-use, self-service platform, training managers get immediate access to virtual infrastructure resources, including virtualized hardware, servers, networking, storage and pre-installed operating systems and application licenses, so they can instantly create, provision, replicate and share their training software environments with colleagues and customers. 
Software training managers can provide actual, hands-on IT environments to multiple students across locations, in minutes, without on-site presence. As it’s cloud-based, the virtual lab infrastructure allows instructors to rapidly make fully functional copies of complete application environments, instantly replicating and sharing these now online-accessible environments with students. In an ideal situation, each environment copy is an entirely separate virtual instance, which may include multiple virtual servers, complex networking, security, and other features. Training managers can quickly scale up or ramp down classroom resources as needed - while maintaining existing configurations, applications, and topologies. Better yet, training managers are able to manage and track all deployments from a central location, with full visibility into what users are doing with their virtual environments.This allows for a student experience that is indistinguishable from a dedicated on-site installation.


for Instructors

  • Provision, replicate and reset new training environments through a single interface
  • Schedule time-limited courses or tests
  • Create classes-on-demand and invite students in bulk
  • Manage versions centrally, easily deploy application and system updates across all instances
  • Observe student engagement in real-time through splitscreen instructor console
  • Monitor student usage, including use of collateral, applications, sessions, etc.
  • Save student environments for assessment and grading
  • Instructor/assessor access to all student environments
  • Built-in messaging and ‘raise hand’ chat functions
  • Save costs with configurable timers to suspend or delete environments automatically
  • Script actions in the cloud with Full API

For Students

  • Get your own separate environment instance and access via a web browser
  • Pause, restart, reboot or revert machines at any point
  • Easily navigate between multiple machines and training guides
  • Access integrated branding, collateral, instructional materials & hints
  • Single sign-on to all applications/systems in the training environment
  • Access to machines’ console: Boot into the BIOS, install from ISO and configure networking
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What is CloudShare's Virtual Training Solution?