Lead students to greater success with greater ease

Create a superior, customizable learning experience so students can reach new heights. You can spin up virtual training, or VILT, environments in seconds and monitor student progress in real-time so you can provide the help they need, when they need it most.

CloudShare means more time teaching and less time fighting technology, with eye-catching environments that are simple to manage and scale to handle any class size. We integrate with your learning management system (LMS) to make life even easier.


Advanced capabilities to empower instructors

  • High-performance, scalable environments: Enjoy ready-to-use environments and start your VILT classes immediately, no matter the number of students.
  • Customizable feel: Create a memorable virtual instructor-led training experience by adding course overviews, class architecture diagrams, instructions, surveys, brand themes and more.
  • Powerful, intuitive instructor tools: Real-time over-the-shoulder monitoring, communication and remote control help you guide students to success.
  • Multistep capabilities: Effortlessly set up steps and take students between different environments without creating additional classes.
  • Streamlined operations and tight cost control: Save time by automating tasks and control costs by setting work time frames and capping lab hours. Preprogrammed activation and auto-suspension features shut down idle labs for greater savings.
  • LMS integration: Easily integrate with your existing systems and allow students to register through your LMS.
  • Access anywhere, anytime: With multiple data centers across the globe, CloudShare performs 24×7, no matter your location. Participants can join from any web browser.

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