Deliver ridiculously good virtual classes

Our VILT software turns tedious online training into interactive, hands-on experiences that learners love.

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Such an easy product to use and provides a truly realistic classroom approach to instruction with distance learning.

A complete VILT platform that brings your online training to life

Watch your student success rate go up, boost retention, and measure the performance of your instructor-led training initiatives.

Keep training materials in one place – not all over the place

Build memorable, unique self-paced experiences for learners. Add course overviews, class architecture diagrams, surveys, and more.

  • Create customized, multi-step courses.
  • Add embedded videos, downloadable PDFs, and more, to any course.
  • Chat with students even when you are offline with Slack integration.


Improve your sales in real-time (seriously!)

Powerful analytics let you track the KPIs that matter most. Monitor engagement and usage in real-time so you know what to optimize, and when to follow up.

  • Live experience-level analytics gives you actionable insights to leverage.
  • Notifications and reports delivered directly to your inbox to stay ahead of any challenges.
  • Measure prospect engagement and reduce churn with data that tells a story.

Analytics & reporting

Optimize class performance and costs

Real-time analytics let you monitor class participation data so you can create more successful training experiences. Control users and lab hours, and auto-suspend or delete environments when they’re not in use for extra cost savings.


Cost control

case study

We needed a better way to deliver standardized, remote instructor-led training. CloudShare did everything we needed it to.

See how CloudShare simplified Sisense’s virtual training, and empowered their instructors to seamlessly provide engaging, interactive education and guidance in an online classroom setting.

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Self-paced Learning

Quickly create hands-on, self-paced courses that virtually run themselves

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Increase product engagement and adoption with hands-on, interactive learning experiences

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