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If you’re a Customer Education or Sales expert, congratulations – you’ve just found your people.

CloudShare’s Community is a home for training and sales experts just like you!
Whether you’re looking to launch your first online training or sales experience
or want to scale an existing program, we’ve got everything you need:
Hundreds of like-minded members, weekly workshops, challenges, unlimited Q&A, and a complete step-by-step learning pathway. 🔥

Why Join Us?

At CloudShare’s Community, we believe in the power of collaboration and shared expertise!

Take your skills to the next level

Our tribe is a hub of knowledge. Enjoy free learning resources, and expert-led live sessions.

Connect & collaborate

Transcend geographical boundaries! Network with peers from around the globe and join our meetups.

Become a thought-leader

Inspire innovation by leading discussions and showcasing your top methods and metrics.

Exclusive for Customers

Become a CloudShare chief

Join live onboarding walkthroughs, gather our product’s best tips, and learn how to optimize your CloudShare experience.

Your voice, your impact

Help us shape our product through a personalized feedback channel and AMA sessions with our team.

Ready to start your journey?

Meet Our Hosts!!

Meet Our Hosts!

Ready to start your journey?


Who is this community for?

CloudShare’s community is a hub for training and sales experts at all stages, from beginners to advanced.

What if I’m not a CloudShare user?

Our community is open to anyone who is an online training or sales builder. You can take full advantage of our resources, discussions, and events. While some channels are exclusive to CloudShare users, the heart of our community beats for everyone.

Are there any membership fees?

No. Membership is completely free. We believe in making valuable connections and insights accessible to everyone.

Can I join CloudShare’s community at any time?

Yes! Our doors are always open; you can join whenever is right for you.

I haven’t run an online training/ POC yet. Is CloudShare community for me?

Fear not! We help aspiring training and sales experts plan and launch their first online hands-on experience. We also help folks who are running existing training or POCs to scale and improve them. Our members are at all different stages, so you will likely find members who are earlier in their journey than you, as well as more experienced members. The key is that we can all support and learn from one another.

How can I contribute to the community?

You can contribute by actively participating in discussions, sharing insights, and engaging with other members. Consider suggesting topics, organizing events, or even becoming a guest speaker. The strength of our tribe lies in its collective wisdom.

How can I connect with other members outside the online platform?

We facilitate networking through various channels, including virtual events and local meetups. Keep an eye on our events board for upcoming opportunities.