Turn your channel partners into sales SUPERSTARS

Boost the potential of your channel partnerships. Ensure they can sell, train, and demo with ease – and get real-time insights into their performance and success rates.

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I’m able to have a demo environment at my fingertips at all times.

Your software is constantly evolving.

Can your sales partners keep up?

The easier you make things for your channel sales partners, the faster they can expand your market reach.

With CloudShare, you can ensure they always have what they need to reach new customers and close more deals.

Shorten time to competency

Get your channel partners up to speed, fast. Reduce the impact of feature changes and eliminate update delays by providing an always-accurate version of your software that’s hosted in the cloud

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Make it easy for your partners to sell

No complicated setups or architecture changes make it simple for partners to sell anytime, anywhere in the world. Create and manage projects for different teams, channels, product lines, and more. Customers can play in a hands-on, real-life environment that showcases your product’s value.

Channel sales

Fast setup

Track channel growth and costs

Get data-driven insights that measure how channel sales training is working for end-users – and for your business growth. Set limits on resources used, and stay informed about the true costs and ROI of your channel relationships

Channel sales

Analytics & reporting

Control user permissions

Grant defined user permissions for partners to create, extend, or cancel POCs when needed. Set smart policies for usage, and optimize each partner environment down to a single customer or user

Channel sales

Cost control

case study

Having that ability to log in, see how they’re using the environment, and what they’re doing in real-time when there’s a problem – without asking another team to be involved – is invaluable.

Check out how CloudShare provided Venafi with greater visibility into partner usage, insight into Venafi’s ROI, reduced overhead and time, and increased partner sales.

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Spin up even the most complicated POC environments with a few clicks

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