We Set The Bar High For Virtual Product Experiences

All businesses run into the same fundamental challenges when they’re trying to sell and train virtually. It’s sloooow. It’s expensive. And it’s….dare we say…boring?

So, we fixed things.

CloudShare combines all the tools you need to create high-impact virtual environments that help you:

  • Unlock more conversions
  • Increase retention
  • And boost engagement

All in a centralized, cloud-based platform.

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We’re your secret advantage for


Leading enterprise companies and Fortune 500s use our technology to optimize their sales and training environments – so they can work faster, save money, and stay waaaay ahead of the competition.

User-friendly, scalable virtual software experiences

no devs or IT support required

Straightforward pricing plans

with zero hidden costs

Isolated, secure environments

for data protection and risk management

By working with CloudShare we are able to proactively develop new features to address the evolving virtual training needs of our customers


Education Manager

low-maintenance environments

Self-service, on-demand provisioning via any web browser

Extensive library of ready-to-go templates

Intuitive interface to edit any application – no matter how complex

Invite users to personal environments with a secure link

Reports, BI analytics, and dashboards for ongoing environment optimization

Allocate standby resources for your exact needs

Cloud–powered infrastructure that won’t slow you down

Scale as needed – without compromising on speed

Full support for advanced networking, nested virtualization, and promiscuous mode

Multi-step and RDP capabilities

Layer 2 networking and specific IP and MAC address support

Elastic load balancing and NAT (network address translation) included

Advanced connectivity options including public IP addresses, API tokens and direct connect

Find out how CloudShare can


your virtual product experiences

Curious about what integrates with CloudShare?
pretty much everything

(Spoiler alert: pretty much everything).

Our Rest API syncs smoothly with leading LMS, CMS, CRM, and SSO providers – including Salesforce, Docker, Hubspot, and Google Sheets.

Bring your own cloud, or use ours! Automate and integrate cloud provisioning with Azure, Google Cloud, AWS, and more. Plus – you can use any of our data centers around the globe for seamless, secure hosting.

We’re your virtual host with the most

From acquisition to onboarding to ongoing training – you’ll be able to turn even the most complex virtual experience demands into an effective, enjoyable learning environment with our user-friendly, cloud-based platform.


Boost student engagement, success, and retention with interactive VILT and self-paced courses.

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Showcase your product’s value by giving your customers and partners hands-on virtual experiences with your product.

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Stay ahead of cyber attacks and keep your teams up to speed with live scenario cyber range training and workshops.

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Give your DevOps world-class sandboxes to play in. Create and share environments, simplify workflows, and boost results.

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It goes without saying that we’re 101% GDPR compliant. We value our clients’ privacy and data as much as we value our own. Read our full privacy policy here.

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