Tired of seeing those sparkly demo solutions with generic features and zero personalization? Same.

Maybe you want to transform your demos completely. Or find a new way to sell your product. OR – maybe you want to see what world-class product sales demos should look like.

Whatever you’re searching for, we can help you find the right solution. Without getting glitter on your keyboard.

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“I can instantly show a demo on any given feature without the hassles of maintaining a virtual infrastructure”

Create interactive “play and break” demos – customized for every prospect

CloudShare lets you speedily build, organize, and standardize product demo environments without code – so your (incredibly handsome) sales reps can focus on what they do best.

Get more sales over the finish line with hands-on, custom demos

Deliver branded, interactive demos with ease. Create personal experiences with split screens and real-time interactions to help you shorten the sales cycle and increase revenue.



Keep an eye on your prospects (in a nice way, not a “call the police” way)

Built-in analytics let you see who’s using each demo in real-time so you can track and measure your ROI. Integrate with your current CRM for seamless management and monitoring of demo performance.


Analytics & reporting

Streamline your workflow

Keep all your demos in one central location so your sales team can pull up the exact demo they need in a few clicks. Our extensive VM template library to build demo blueprints at scale. Mix & match, reuse and scale, and give your sales teams the ability to deliver demo experiences that leave competitors in the dust.


Fast setup

Prevent scary budget burnouts

Smart cost controls mean you only pay for what you use. Create automation to suspend or delete inactive environments. Allocate user invites, usage time, and specific resources for each demo instance.


Cost control

case study

When a 45-minute demo starts on time, keeps the prospect engaged, and runs without a crash or even a pause to solve a minor glitch, it means you’ve quite possibly saved the sale.

Learn how CloudShare helped Blancco save time, improve transparency, and build a completely scalable infrastructure to increase sales.

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Spin up even the most complicated POC environments with a few clicks

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Channel Sales

Ensure your channel partners always have what they need to sell, train, and demo with ease

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