Wave goodbye to *yawn* demo walkthroughs and *eye-roll* POCs

Looking for something with a little…okay, a lot more functionality than the other solutions out there? We work with you to give your prospects the hands-on “try before you buy” experiences you need to close more sales.

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We’re CloudShare, and we’re freakin’ awesome at helping companies smash their sales goals

The new virtual norm has turned software sales into a whole different ball game. New rules, new challenges, and sooo many new expectations. So, still playing by the old rules, or are you ready to start winning?


Build speedy full-blown ‘play and break’ product demos that seal the deal

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Spin up even the most complicated POC environments with a few clicks

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Channel Sales

Ensure your channel partners always have what they need to sell, train, and demo with ease

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User-friendly, Scalable, Cost-effective, Enjoyable…

If these things are getting in the way of more sales…

You can’t demo online like the A+ sales champ you are in person

Environments take a bajillion years to set up

Creating environments is costly

…we got you. Here’s how we can help.

Deliver engaging virtual demos that actually sell

“When a 45-minute demo starts on time, keeps the prospect engaged, and runs without a crash or even a pause to solve a minor glitch, it means you’ve quite possibly saved the sale.”

Cornelius Bührle, Director of Global Sales Engineering, Blancco

Whip up personalized experiences for prospects in a heartbeat

“Now that we’ve got CloudShare, I can provide a POC environment in 30 seconds, and if they have an issue, I can just log in, look over their shoulder and fix it for them, without any bottlenecks and overhead.”

Paul Cleary, Ecosystems Division, Venafi

Enjoy an all-inclusive price

“We chose CloudShare because we were looking for environmental software that would allow us to do what we needed without excessive costs or configuration.”

Val Vasquez, Senior Director of Solutions, Semperis

Spin up demos and POCs in minutes

Quickly set up complex, custom POCs and demos without the need to call DevOps for help. Our no-code technology lets you create interactive solutions to give your prospects an epic product experience.

Sales Enablement

Fast setup

Personalize with tailor-made machines

Deliver demos in an exact replica of the end user’s environment. Manage everything from complex networking to nested virtualization, and create the ideal environment for your prospects to say “yes!”

Sales Enablement


Improve your sales in real-time (seriously!)

Powerful analytics let you track the KPIs that matter most. Monitor engagement and usage in real-time so you know what to optimize, and when to follow up.

  • Live experience-level analytics gives you actionable insights to leverage.
  • Notifications and reports delivered directly to your inbox to stay ahead of any challenges.
  • Measure prospect engagement and reduce churn with data that tells a story.
Sales Enablement

Analytics & reporting

Only pay for active usage

Automate your resource policies and control your costs. Auto-suspend environments, remove unnecessary resources, set specific user permissions, and delete demos and POCs when they’re not in use.

Sales Enablement

Cost control

Take your trainings from meh to wow!

See how CloudShare can help you close more software sales – in less time

Check out what else you can do with CloudShare

Virtual Training

Easily deliver memorable, hands-on virtual training your students will love (and tell their colleagues about)!

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Stay ahead of cyber attacks and keep your teams up to speed with live scenario cyber range training and workshops.

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Give your DevOps world-class sandboxes to play in. Create and share environments, simplify workflows, and boost results.

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Here are some commonly raised questions about CloudShare’s sales enablement solution. Have another question that you can’t find here? Contact us.

Can you define automated shutdown when there’s no usage?

Yes. You have an automatic suspension option under the policy definition which allows you to set the period when there’s no usage.

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Do I need to be technical to use CloudShare?

While there are technical elements to build your environments, to create and run classes, no technical expertise is required.

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Can I upload my own VM’s into CloudShare?

Yes! We support most common virtualization standards, primarily OVF/OVA.

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