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Virtual Training & Demos In Less Time Than It Takes To Finish Your Coffee

CloudShare gives you a brilliantly simple virtual IT lab to create compelling hands-on software product experiences so you can WOW your users.

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Virtual Training

Deliver engaging, hands-on self-paced and virtual instructor-led training every time with CloudShare’s training solutions

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Sales Demos & POCs

Take that first impression to the next level and deliver engaging virtual sales demos and POCs in the cloud.

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Make Effective Virtual Experiences The Easy Way

Struggling to deliver virtual sales and training experiences
that people love – without a huge price tag and hidden costs?

Now you can knock their socks off with interactive experiences that are more memorable than a bear in bike shorts.
(Hint: that means more leads, sales, and success for your business!).


Spin up interactive software experiences in a flash

Create or clone environments in minutes to mimic real world experiences for demos, POCs, and training. No code required – all you need is your web browser (and the internet, obviously).

  • Start fast with customizable templates
  • Duplicate environments with just a click
  • Cloud-agnostic setup

Easily build complex networking between environments to deliver the exact scenario for your users.

“Easy to use, quick to spin up environments!”


Our “play and break” philosophy

Take people from “Hmm” to “Aha!” with interactive replicas of your product. And if they break something? There’s a handy reset button to start over.

  • Train people in risk-free, hands-on environments
  • Interact with learners in virtual classes
  • Increase knowledge and retention

Leverage the Slack and webhooks integration for more ways to stay connected with users during their experiences.

Cost control

No more budget blowouts

Only pay for the labs you use, when you need them – ensuring you avoid any awkward budget conversations with your boss.

  • Create automations to suspend or delete environments
  • Control and manage usage time
  • Keep your budget on track

Boost global performance and reduce maintenance costs with our multi-region capabilities for training and sales.

“CloudShare is cost-effective for our company and our customers”


Keep an eye on who’s doing what – in real time

Get the deep insights you need to optimize the performance of your sales and training environments, and increase ROI.

  • Track user activity in each environment
  • Get real-time updates on progress and interactions
  • Know when to follow up

Stop asking yourself, “I wonder what they are really doing right now?” with over-the-shoulder capability to watch users progress in real time.

It’s mindblowing!

the CloudShare platform

Every student has an environment with several VMs. If they have problems, I can take control to help them in no time. Daniel Torres Trainer, Dominion
I can quickly provide demos and training to customers. It’s much faster and scalable than configuring systems on site. Harold Cowan Principal OT Consultant, Aria Cybersecurity
CloudShare is a gamechanger for demos and experiments. Pausing and restarting of VMs does not affect their integrity which is very handy. Vinod Nair Presales Solutions Architect, RSA Security
CloudShare is the best virtual lab platform, and team! Policies enable us to control consumption and not exceed our budget. Itai Weisman Product Manager, ControlUp
CloudShare is a great environment for training. It allows me to view students’ progress and offer help in real time. Andres Perez Senior Manager, Trailhead Academy Solutions Architect Lead, Salesforce
The advantage is in the ability to create a complex environment within minutes, the flexibility for modifying the setup, and the option of saving snapshots. Nirit Peled Senior Training Manager, Thales

The #1 product experience platform

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1M+ Happy & productive users worldwide

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311% Increase in POC buyer engagement

Virtual Training

365% Higher course completion rate

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>50 NPS Customers that work with us, stay with us

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