Add wings to your business with specialized virtual IT labs

Don’t settle for cloud resources when you can increase software adoption, improve productivity and grow revenue with end-to-end cloud solutions.

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Accelerate every aspect of your business.


Build customized training labs for your on-premise or SaaS applications in no time. Your students get hands-on experience in real-life environments. You get advanced features designed especially for training.

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Experiencing is believing. Now you can offer prospective clients the opportunity to experience your product in an exact replica of your production environment – all in a single click.

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Empower your developers and QA engineers with tools designed specifically to accelerate and streamline the development process. Our REST API and application integration make it happen.

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Equip your support engineers with specialized virtual labs to quickly spin up customer environments and product versions so your team can focus on improving productivity and time to resolution.

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Smart. Simple. Powerful.

Don’t settle for cloud resources when you can benefit from full cloud solutions. Our trusted IT labs let you easily build, replicate and share complex environments anywhere in the world, so you can increase revenues, operate efficiently and scale cost-effectively.

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Ease of Use

Think you need IT support to build complex environments? Think again! Sure our product looks nice, but it’s also intuitive. Ready-to-use templates and step-by-step wizards make it easy for anyone to get it done... fast.


Worried about time-consuming administrative tasks? We’ve automated popular tasks and processes like invitations, activity sensing, and policies to make your life easier. And our RESTful API and Zapier integration let you streamline processes across different systems as well.


How do your students, prospects, and team members make use of your environments and resources? Ready-made dashboards and rich analytics give you all the knowledge you need to manage, report and calculate ROI.


Can you realize all the benefits of cloud-based labs without exceeding budget? CloudShare’s advanced user management and environment policies, including auto-suspend and delete, keep you firmly in control.

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With CloudShare, we have scaled the business without having to give another thought to the platform we’re running on.
Kevin Streater, VP ForgeRock University at ForgeRock