Live scenario training helps your team fight cyber attacks better

Give your teams the hands-on cyber range training they need to stay ahead of the latest online threats – using secure, isolated environments that revert quickly with one click.

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It’s hard to keep up with new cyber threat developments. Here’s how we can help your cyber security teams

CloudShare lets you easily configure cyber range training and online workshops to give people hands-on practice with attack and defend labs in real-world scenarios.

User-friendly, Scalable, Cost-effective, Enjoyable…

If your training looks like this…

You’re still rolling out training the old school way

It’s hard to get learners to participate

You can’t get more budget because you can’t prove ROI

…we can help you fix it

Spin up environments in a flash

“Every time we use CloudShare it saves us anywhere from 4 hours to a day. Even if we use CloudShare once a week, the savings and ROI are immense”

Avi Karmon, Senior Director of Global Sales, Mulesoft

Create highly engaging, interactive experiences

“By working with CloudShare we are able to proactively develop new features to address the evolving virtual training needs of our customers”

Robert Bleeker, Education Manager, Atlassian

Detailed analytics reporting usage and engagement

“Our goal has always been to help customers transform the way they work. CloudShare has been instrumental in that regard, allowing us a stable, practical environment for training, troubleshooting, and practice”

Adva Almog-Dadush, Training Program Manager, Sisense

Set up virtual product experiences in minutes

Easily spin up, reuse, and tear down your cybersecurity labs with no code and no time-consuming setup required. Ensure your teams are always prepared to fight newly emerging cyber attacks.

  • Set up and host in any cloud
  • Secure, up-to-date sandbox environments
Cyber security

Fast setup

Reset environments with one click

The best way for your students to upskill is to let them practice in a hands-on cyber lab scenario. Give them the freedom to make mistakes and grow their knowledge without fear of breaking stuff.

  • Risk free training environments
  • Avoid costly mistakes due to human error
Cyber security


Track and analyze your virtual environments

Get detailed, actionable insights into environment usage and user behavior with our robust analytics and tracking tools – so you know when to follow up.

  • Prove ROI on your training initiatives.
  • Get customized reports delivered to your inbox.
  • Block unwanted visitors with custom block lists to keep control of your class.
Cyber security

Analytics & reporting

Keep costs under control

Monitor your resources and control costs by setting training time frames and capping usage hours. Enable automated environment activation and suspension to keep your budget in check.

  • Auto-suspend or delete unused environments.
  • Eliminate shipping, travel, and installation costs.
  • What about resources? Use our cloud – or bring your own.
Cyber security

Cost control

Take your trainings from meh to wow!

See how we can help your teams stay ahead of emerging cyber threats

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