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Our flexible, scalable virtual training software enables you to easily deliver memorable, hands-on experiences that students will love (and tell their colleagues about).

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Your virtual training unicorn does exist 

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The world of online training and learning has evolved – and your customers’ expectations and training preferences are constantly changing. It can be difficult to find a virtual training platform that makes your product shine AND shows people how to use it.

Virtual Instructor Led Training

Turn tedious online training into interactive, hands-on experiences that learners love.

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Self-Paced Learning

Quickly create hands-on, self-paced courses that virtually run themselves.

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Increase product engagement and adoption with hands-on, interactive learning experiences.

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User-friendly, Scalable, Cost-effective, Enjoyable…

If your training looks like this…

You’re still rolling out training the old school way

It’s hard to get learners to participate

You can’t get more budget because you can’t prove ROI

…we can help you fix it

Spin up environments in a flash

“Every time we use CloudShare it saves us anywhere from 4 hours to a day. Even if we use CloudShare once a week, the savings and ROI are immense”

Avi Karmon, Senior Director of Global Sales, Mulesoft

Create highly engaging, interactive experiences

“By working with CloudShare we are able to proactively develop new features to address the evolving virtual training needs of our customers”

Robert Bleeker, Education Manager, Atlassian

Detailed analytics reporting usage and engagement

“Our goal has always been to help customers transform the way they work. CloudShare has been instrumental in that regard, allowing us a stable, practical environment for training, troubleshooting, and practice”

Adva Almog-Dadush, Training Program Manager, Sisense

Hands-on experience

Replicate real-world training environments, no matter how complex – without the risk of human error or security breaches. Deliver interactive, “play and break” training that sticks.

  • Turn yawn mode off, and video mode on through in-app video conferencing.
  • Take a peek into your students’ shoulders with over-the-shoulder capabilities.
  • Create an engaging, live classroom experience with built-in chat and file & video sharing.
Virtual Training


Control costs easily

We make it simple to monitor your resources – and you only pay for what you use. Control user permissions, and set up automation to suspend or delete environments when not in use with policies.

  • Track usage through quota dashboards and notifications to manage resources.
  • Machine learning algorithms create standby environments ready for use at a flip of a switch.
Virtual Training

Cost control

Set up environments in minutes (not days)

Quickly create or clone exact replicas of your product to showcase its value – without worrying about server space or extra costs.

Virtual Training

Fast setup

Monitor Progress & Prove ROI in real time!

Built-in analytics give you a clear overview of who’s doing what in your virtual classes, so you can measure progress and performance, give feedback, and know when to follow up.

  • Live in-class analytics for immediate insights on the progress of your class.
  • Create notifications to track the metrics that are critical to your business.
  • Prove ROI with customized analytics reports delivered straight to your inbox.
Virtual Training

Analytics & reporting

Take your trainings from meh to wow!

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Showcase your product’s value by giving your customers and partners hands-on virtual experiences with your product.

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Stay ahead of cyber attacks and keep your teams up to speed with live scenario cyber range training and workshops.

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Give your DevOps world-class sandboxes to play in. Create and share environments, simplify workflows, and boost results.

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Here are some commonly raised questions about CloudShare’s virtual training solution. Have another question that you can’t find here? Contact us.

Can I integrate my LMS with CloudShare?

Yes! Either via our RESTful API or LTI.

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What browser is CloudShare compatible with?

CloudShare is compatible with all modern browsers, including Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and Edge.

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Do you have templates that we can use?

CloudShare provides a number of pre-configured Linux and Windows templates, with OS and application licensing included.

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