Create tailored POCs
in minutes – no coding (and no internal screaming) required

Shorten your sales cycles, save hours of time, and increase ROI with engaging POC environments customized to your prospects’ exact real-world use cases.

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CloudShare lets us set up a pre-configured environment with evaluation scripts, helping our POC clients see the value of our products.


Make every customer feel like your POCs were built just for them

We make it easy for your teams to spin up even the most complicated POC environments with a few clicks.

No code and no previous experience necessary.

Track usage and performance

Monitor activity and engagement in every POC instance with customizable user and machine-level analytics. Get actionable insights that help determine prospects’ interest and increase your ROI.


Analytics & reporting

Accelerate your sales cycle

Give your prospects the freedom to explore and fully understand the benefits of your product in a hands-on, risk-free setting that can be reset with one click if needed. Our seamless webhooks integrations let you create alerts when a POC is completed or is at risk, and react in real-time to help you close deals faster.



Make your POCs accessible anywhere, anytime

Give people the ultimate freedom to dig into your POCs whenever they feel like it – with RDP, SSH, Console, and xRDP capabilities. All your prospects need is a web browser to get started.


Fast setup

Manage costs and users

Control the exact amount of invites, usage time, and allocated resources for each virtual POC environment. Automatically suspend or delete environments when they’re not in use.


Cost control

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CloudShare occupies a central role in our sales enablement – everyone knows that when there’s the need for a POC, to contact my team and we’ll provision an environment.

Learn how CloudShare helps Semperis scale, increase channel activity, get visibility into prospect engagement, and close more deals.

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