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A Recipe for Technology Sales Success this Thanksgiving Season

Nov 21, 2018 - 3 min read

Success in sales is often about making a prospect’s life easier. If you can do that significantly, you’ll not only have their gratitude, you’ll likely close new business.

When it comes to complex purchases like technology, Gartner CEO reports there are typically seven decision-makers to convince, covering at least three different functions. Average tech buyers are typically 57 percent through the purchasing process before they even speak to a sales rep.

For the IT buyer at the center of this process – the point-of-contact you deal with who wants your solution but needs to convince many others to sign the check – it’s not so easy.

Want to make their life simpler? Virtual IT labs is the recipe for cooking up convincing on-demand demos and leave-behind proofs of concepts (POC) that will earn their gratitude.

Home for the holidays

Some of the decision-makers have already told your contact they’d rather not to travel for a sales meeting and demo during the holidays. Yet, the process has to progress, there might even be time-sensitive purchasing and year-end budgeting decisions to consider.

Tell your contact to schedule that meeting, and if team members can’t make it, no worries. With Virtual IT labs, you can launch demos on-demand, no matter how big the crowd, no matter where they’re located.

Do it online, you’ll save time, and travel won’t cost their company a dime.

Make it shine and leave something behind

Your contact realizes their team members have read online product reviews and already have strong opinions. They’re counting on you to shine and convince them otherwise. That means demoing your product in “real-world” situations, not a scaled-back video and presentation deck.

With Virtual IT labs you can replicate the prospect’s dynamic production environment and give a powerful full-featured demos. Then, leave them with something: a link to an easily accessible POC trial. Studies show the hands-on experience of letting them play with your product is one of the most effective ways to make a lasting impression.

Let them try it, they’ll likely by it.

Less cooks, more cooking

It’s the holidays and an on-site demo means coordinating the arrival of product, bringing in an IT crew to open firewalls and making sure all is good to go. That requires the time of “too many cooks,” which your contact doesn’t need right now.

You can take all that off their plate and do it much faster and simpler through the cloud. Further, you won’t have the aggravation and cost of shipping hardware or coordinating with their IT folks. Plus, that’ll give you time to ready the other three demos you’ve got cooking later that week.

Peace of Mind

The holidays can be stressful. One of the benefits of leave-behind POC trials is they let the contact and their team try a product on their own and without any pressure from you. At the same time, you can gain insight on usage; analytics with actionable data to ensure things go smoothly.

Trackable product invitations show who in an organization is using the solution. You’ll know what they like by seeing how much time is spent on particular features. With data accessible via a user-friendly dashboard, it’s easy to identify issues, update your contact and offer assistance to be sure full product value is experienced.

Virtual IT labs can make your contacts life easier this holiday season. You’ll bring them greater peace of mind, and not only earn their gratitude, perhaps you’ll close the year on a higher note as well.

Tis the season to make life easier, so what are you waiting for? Let us show you how with a live demo.