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8 Best Training Management Systems for 2024

The CloudShare Team

Jul 08, 2024 - 4 min read

Your learning management system(LMS) helps you manage the front-end of your corporate training program. It helps you create and manage better, more engaging training for both customers and employees. But what if you want to commercialize your learning program?

For that, you’ll need a training management system (TMS). Designed for the commercial side of learning, a TMS helps your business manage administration, scheduling, logistics, invoicing and reporting. But what makes a TMS effective, and how do you know if an LMS includes the necessary features to support a commercial training program? 

We’re going to go over some of the best training management solutions of the year. 

Our Top TMS Solutions at a Glance:

  1. CloudShare — Best for virtual labs and hands-on training.
  2. SkyPrep — Best for process and systems training. 
  3. Thinkific Plus — Best for no-code flexibility and scalability. 
  4. Trainual — Best onboarding experience. 
  5. Deel Engage — Best for adaptive learning. 
  6. Looop — Best for automating learning pathways.  
  7. GyrusAim — Best for corporate HR teams.
  8. 360Learning — Best for end-to-end collaborative learning.

Key Features of Training Management Software

The features of a good TMS include: 

  • Workflow automation
  • Scheduling
  • Reporting and analytics
  • CRM integration
  • LMS integration
  • Course management

The Best Training Management Tools of 2024


CloudShare is a virtual product experience platform that lets you quickly spin up complex hands-on training environments without any support from developers of IT. Scalable, secure, and intuitive, CloudShare also equips you with powerful built-in analytics and custom reporting. Our pricing plan is also transparent and straightforward, making it much easier to plan your budget.

Okay, it’s not technically a TMS. But CloudShare can still do a ton to improve your customer training. Plus, we’ve made sure our solution is easy to integrate with your other software, including other LMS and TMS tools. 


SkyPrep combines some of the best features of learning management systems and training management systems into an award-winning package. With a content authoring tool, built-in custom reporting and easy scheduling, SkyPrep supports everything from channel partner training to customer-facing certification courses. 

Because of how it’s designed, SkyPrep is also useful for internal change management. You can quickly and easily build courses around new processes while keeping track of everyone’s progress through reporting dashboards. 

Thinkific Plus

Enterprise training management systems have a reputation for being just a bit too cumbersome and complex. Thinkific Plus is intended to buck that reputation. A cloud-based no-code learning experience platform, Thinkific Plus supports both onboarding and commercial training. You can even create a custom white-label experience for each client or customer, tweaking not only materials but the full interface. 


With features like artificial intelligence (AI) assisted documentation, automated onboarding, and SOP templates, Trainual is all about systematization. Because it automatically captures processes and policies, Trainual makes it easy to automate both employee and customer onboarding. It’s basically a smart playbook that covers everything your employees need to know about your business. 

These features are all just as applicable to customer training, too — so even though Trainual isn’t really marketed as a TMS, that doesn’t mean you can’t still use it as one. 

Deel Engage

Deel Engage uses AI as the foundation of an all-in-one talent management platform. A module for the human resources (HR) and payroll platform, Deel Engage is built for integration with the developer’s other tools. This makes it a great choice if you’re in the market for new HRP software, as you can add Engage to Deel HR for just $20/employee/month. 


Looop’s big claim to fame is its automated learning pathways. Delivered entirely online, the platform makes it easy for learning and development (L&D) managers to create a personalized, branded learning experience for each participant. Looop can even dynamically adjust a learning journey based on learner performance, deliver quizzes, challenges, and assessments, and provide certificates to people who successfully complete a course. 


GyrusAim is developed by Gyrus Systems, one of the oldest LMS vendors on the market. Mainly focused on the administrative side of L&D, the platform is built on decades of knowledge and hundreds of implementations. GyrusAim also comes with features not found in most other LMS solutions, including waitlists, enrollment rules, seat reservations, and role management, 


As one of the more comprehensive solutions on our list, 360Learning isn’t just an LMS. It’s also a learning experience platform and TMS. Supported by an award-winning AI authoring tool, 360Learning makes it easy to design, scale, and manage training programs for certifications, educational marketing, and more. The platform also offers automated scheduling, smart enrollment, and custom dashboards. 

Find the Right Solution for the Job

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