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Sizzling Success: 30 G2 Summer Badges Thanks to Our Customers’ Hot Reviews

The CloudShare Team

Jul 09, 2024 - 4 min read

CloudShare is definitely turning up the heat this summer. After a fantastic spring harvest of 19 badges, we rode that wave into summer with a blazing 30 G2 badges! We’ve never been hotter, and it’s all thanks to you, our amazing customers. 🥳

Summer is usually associated with happiness, optimism, joy, warmth, great health, outdoor activities, brightness, great food, enjoyable rides in the car, motorcycling, bicycling, jogging, excitement… and now, for us at CloudShare, it’s also associated with 30 sizzling G2 badges. It’s not just about breaking records and strengthening our market position; it’s about the ongoing value that our customers get from CloudShare and we could not be more proud. 😀

Out of all the badges, we’re most excited about winning the “Users Love Us” badge. Since this award is a true reflection of our commitment to meeting our customers’ needs, it’s the one we collectively hold our breath for every season, because it means so much to us. 😍

Our 29 other scorching summer badges are spread across three main categories – Customer Education, Virtual IT Labs, and Demo Automation. Let’s dive in!

Customer Education

Thanks to your incredible feedback, we received a whopping 16 badges in Customer Education (!!!!), including Leader, High Performer in Enterprise, Leader in Small Business, Most Implementable, Higher User Adoption, Best Estimated ROI, and many more. With customer education becoming such a powerful driver of business growth and customer success, we’re proud to be at the forefront of technologies that support effective learning and training solutions. In fact, companies who use CloudShare for training report course completion rates that are 4x higher than industry benchmarks.

Here’s what our customers are saying about CloudShare’s customer education solution:

  • “The built-in tools for managing a virtual classroom are better than any other option we could find in 2019. We looked again in 2020 and CloudShare was still the best option. The easy-to-use classroom setup tools, ability to view every student’s desktop, and student communication tools makes it a service we use for all our online software training courses.”
  • “I am a software instructor who trains clients and prospects on how to use our software project estimation and tracking suite of applications. It only takes minutes to set up a class and invite students. I especially love the over-the-shoulder view of student’s work so I can help them work through the exercises.”

Virtual IT Labs

CloudShare won 7 badges in the Virtual IT Labs category, including Leader, High Performer, and Fastest Implementation. Virtual IT Labs are at the heart of what we do, powering up customer education, demos, POCs, and more. But no matter how our customers use our labs, the ability to spin up virtual environments in minutes is one of the many things that sets CloudShare apart:

  • “I love the tool for virtual labs, especially with our ILT and VILT courses. Even more important is how good this product is for on-demand courses. It’s so much better than hosting your own AWS instance where you have no idea how long it will be live. Plus, they’re super fast to spin up! ILT integration has really enhanced our self-study courses in our LMS because they can just click a link, and it automatically spins up a lab on our users’ time frame, not ours. This has been a huge win for us.”

It’s customer feedback like this that motivates us to continuously push ourselves to innovate and enhance our virtual IT lab solutions, ensuring we make it as easy and fast as possible to create immersive product experiences for any application, including training, innovation, sandboxing, and sales, which brings us to…

Demo Automation

CloudShare’s demo automation capabilities proved to be another winner this summer, with 6 badges in this category, including Fastest Implementation, Best Meets Requirements, and Easiest to Use. Our goal is to enable sales teams to provide prospects with hands-on, interactive software experiences in secure, virtual environments that fully mimic real-life scenarios. If the badges and reviews are anything to go by, we’re doing pretty well on that front:

  • “We enjoy its simplicity of use. It’s very easy to implement solutions to support our customers in test driving our different solutions and use cases. It also presents us the opportunity to show off how our different technologies integrate to build solutions that address customer challenges.”

Summer Sunshine and Customer Love

As much as the badges mean to us, our commitment to excellence goes beyond awards—it’s about the real-world impact we have on our customers’ businesses. That impact is clearly reflected in CloudShare users’ reviews on G2 – over 97% are 4 or 5-star! Here are a few more of the ways CloudShare is making a difference for our customers:

“CloudShare provides lab environments for sales reps who need to learn our on-prem products, lab environments for our SAAS products so we can have a consistent/controlled “corporate” environment, labs for our live AND self-paced training, and other things. Really, I’d completely replace using local copies of VMWare if we could afford it because it’s so much easier to manage overall. We love it!

CloudShare eliminates the challenge our partners have in maintaining costs associated with procuring demo equipment, so having our virtual labs enables them to easily access different technologies and test drive them without having to worry about any costs as this is free to them.”

Ease of use and great performance.

CloudShare is the best for virtual classroom training.

“The built-in tools for managing a virtual classroom are better than any other option we could find.

CloudShare offers an intuitive interface that makes it easy to set up and manage environments without any tediousness.”

Being able to monitor student work while using the virtual desktop and offer help when needed.”

Cloudshare provides easy access to our employees and customers for the VMs or multiple VMs connected on virtual network.”

We’re so grateful for your continued support and for making this such a sunny summer for us. Although vacation season is at its start, we’ll keep the momentum going and wish our customers and partners a wonderful holiday. Here’s to sunny beaches, sand castles, staycations, and far-away destinations.🍹

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