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5 Best Demo Automation Software Solutions in 2024

The CloudShare Team

Jul 11, 2024 - 4 min read

There’s an old saying: Talk is cheap. If your sales team really wants to impress potential customers, they need to be able to put their money where their mouth is. This means showing showing people what your software can do instead of just talking about it. 

They need product demos. And they need something that makes those demos easy to create and deliver at scale. That’s where product demo automation comes in. 

With sales demo automation software, your team can not only sell to more people, but enjoy more success. We’ll go over what’s involved in finding the right tool, starting with an overview of what to look for.  

What Is Demo Automation Software?

Demo automation software automates the creation of product and sales demos. This not only makes it easier for your team to create demos at scale but also lets buyers and prospects explore your software much earlier in their journey. Combined with live product demos, automated demos let your prospects gain a better understanding of your software while also helping to qualify them. 

Demo automation software can deliver automated demos in a few different ways: 

  • Interactive sandboxes
  • Live demos
  • Product tours
  • Video

Key Features of Demo Automation Software

The most important features of a demo automation solution include: 

  • Adaptive learning so that demos are both personalized and aligned with different touchpoints in the buyer’s journey. 
  • Support for on-demand, self-paced delivery.  
  • Cloud-based and scalable. 
  • Ability to deliver interactive, hands-on demonstrations. 

Benefits of Demo Automation Software

The biggest benefit of demo automation is the amount of time it saves for your sales team. Because they’re spending less time delivering live demos, salespeople can focus on more impactful tasks. Demo automation also helps to reduce the number of unqualified demos, meaning less time wasted on demos that won’t convert. 

All of this together means a shorter sales cycle in which your customers have more control over their journey and are more engaged as a result. 

Our Top Demo Automation Platforms at a Glance

  1. CloudShare — Spin up complex, interactive environments in moments
  2. TestBox — Live demos and sandboxes directly within your software
  3. Navattic — Intuitive, affordable self-guided walkthroughs
  4. Demostack — An in-browser clone of your product’s backend and frontend
  5. Saleo — Streamlined, personalized live demos

The Top Demo Automation Tools for Your Business


CloudShare makes it easy to spin up multiple high-impact virtual training and demos through our brilliantly simple virtual IT lab. Not only can your sales team create engaging live demos with just a few clicks, so can customers and prospects. With support for everything from guided product tours to hands-on demonstrations and interactive sandboxes, our solution makes it easy to build custom experiences that will wow almost any prospect.   

CloudShare supports both self-paced training and virtual instructor-led training, with analytics to track everything about how people use your demos. Because it’s completely virtual, CloudShare can also scale easily to meet just about any need.  


TestBox is a unique demo solution that uses an actual user account to deliver an interactive demo directly within your software. This means that prospects have access to all features that are in your most recent version. Better yet, it can also spin up multiple demo environments so that you can create demos for different verticals, industries or personas. 

Each salesperson is given their own TestBox demo environment that’s preconfigured with test data. After a live demo, reps can send a proof of concept (POC) to the prospect. TestBox can also list your product’s most important features through a quick link menu at the top of the POC environment. 


Navattic is an intuitive, cost-effective automated demo solution that lets your salespeople build self-guided walkthroughs through screengrabs. It’s intuitive enough that almost anyone can use it to create product tours, and also includes reporting functionality that tells you information like how many people have used a tour, how far the average user gets into your tour, and how many people have completed it.

Navattic can be embedded in your website or shared directly with prospects through email.   


Demostack brings both your back-end and front-end code into a web browser to act as a demo environment. These snapshots can be used in a ton of different ways, including creating product tours, sending personalized demos to prospects, or showing off specific features or use cases. In addition to product tours, Demostack supports live demonstrations, mobile demos, and trial-like sandbox environments. 


Similar to Demostack, Saleo is accessed entirely through a browser extension. It lets your sales team create custom overlays that can be displayed in a live demo environment, giving them a ton of flexibility in terms of how live demos are delivered. Saleo can also capture key moments from a product demo that your team can then use to create interactive experiences. 

Expand Your Product Demo Toolkit Even More

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