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Get Up to Speed with the 2023 Cram Kit for Online Software Training

The CloudShare Team

Sep 19, 2023 - 2 min read

The first half of 2023 has been an interesting period for software training professionals. While layoffs have increased in the tech industry, most organizations are increasing their training budgets.

The majority of training managers and directors report they view virtual labs as indispensable. Compared to 2022, for training organizations, investments in analytics tools have more than doubled.

As an increasing percentage of companies must cope with understaffing, self-paced training remains the dominant software training model. Additional challenges include scheduling, business alignment, and user engagement.

All of these, and many more valuable insights, are included in a new CloudShare report, The State of Virtual Software Training in 2023. We’ve compiled another set of facts and figures in a study on industry benchmarks.

In addition to the software training research we’ve published, we’ve created webinars and blog posts regarding trends and best practices, lessons about applying AI in training, and practical advice for optimizing ROI from VILT tools.

To make it easy for you to get up to speed on the various wheels that continue spinning in the industry, we’ve rounded-up nine topical and timely content assets in The 2023 Cram Kit for Online Software Training.

The free content kit features summaries of and links to:

  • Industry report: The State of Virtual Software Training in 2023
  • White paper: Just Beat It! Can Your Online Training Program Beat 2023 Industry Benchmarks?
  • Blog post: What to Expect in 2023—A Look into the Future of the Training Industry
  • Webinar: Measuring Success—Create Effective Customer Education Across the Entire Lifecycle
  • Blog post: Best Practices for Customer Training Software in 2023
  • Blog post: Using ChatGPT for Training: Practical Hands-On Tips for Training Professionals
  • Webinar: The Six Disciplines for Using Artificial Intelligence in Customer Training
  • Webinar: A Sneak Peek into VILT in 2023
  • Product comparison brief: Get the Highest ROI From Your Training

Download your free copy of The 2023 Cram Kit for Online Software Training here. And if you’d like us to dig into any other topic, we’re all ears.