ATD Intensive – Accessible Learning Design

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Type: Webinar

Place: Online


  • 02.11.2023

ATD Intensive – Accessible Learning Design is an immersive virtual program that delves into the intricacies of the most pertinent topics in the industry. This year, the focus is on professionals seeking to create accessible and inclusive learning experiences.

In this program, you will immerse yourself in a dynamic environment where you’ll learn directly from seasoned design professionals about the integration of accessibility practices into your training. They structured the program around a cohort-based format, fostering brainstorming, collaboration, and valuable feedback as the keys to success.

Over three days, key elements essential for designing accessible learning experiences, whether you’re working in a digital environment, or your training is asynchronous or synchronous. Days one and two focus on foundational principles, while the final deep dive day will build on the previous sessions, covering the creation of accessible learning spaces and the design considerations required for various, unique environments.

Join ATD Intensive – Accessible Learning Design and take your instructional design and training strategies to the next level, ensuring that your learning experiences are inclusive and effective for all. This event promises to equip you with the knowledge and skills necessary to design learning experiences that leave no one behind.