Chief Customer Officer Summit – London – Fall 2023

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Type: Conference

Place: London, UK


  • 29.11.2023

The Chief Customer Officer Summit is your opportunity to upskill yourself and your team by tapping into the insights and solutions offered by some of the most accomplished leaders in the field. Join for a day of enlightenment, relationship building, strategy development, and elevating the customer success function.

Agenda & Topics Covered:

– Empower your customer success team to go beyond renewals and become a more influential function.

– Demonstrate the true worth of your function by monitoring the most meaningful metrics.

– Explore the transformative potential of generative AI tech stacks in customer success.

– Develop the skills to be a complete and confident leader for more effective management.

– Gain career insights and actions to future-proof your path from VP to C-suite and beyond.

– Unlock the “cheat codes” to success: A customer success leader’s guide to aligning culture and vision.

– Focus on value realization, delivering success to your customers at every stage of their lifecycle.

– Learn how to scale your team and capabilities through best-in-class customer success operations (CSops).

Join the Chief Customer Officer Summit – London – Fall 2023 and unlock the potential of your customer success function. This event will empower you with the insights, connections, and strategies to propel your career and enhance your organization’s customer success efforts.