Customer Success Festival – Austin

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Type: Conference

Place: Austin, TX, USA


  • 14.02.2024

When you attend the Customer Success Festival, prepare for two exhilarating days filled with networking opportunities, knowledge sharing, and a deep dive into the world of customer success.

About Customer Success Festival

Whether you’re grappling with challenges related to onboarding, churn mitigation, or renewals, rest assured, you’ll leave the two-day festival rejuvenated and ready to apply newfound insights in brand-new strategies.

The event boasts keynote presentations and panel discussions led by some of the brightest Customer Success (CS) leaders from the world’s most recognizable brands, all of whom come equipped with a wealth of experience. There’s no better place to recharge your CS batteries and experience that “eureka” moment.

Why Attend?

At the heart of the Customer Success Festival is inspiring content created and delivered by pioneering customer success champions. They brings together influential CS practitioners to share their insights, challenges, and strategies aimed at increasing retention, renewals, and more.

Through interactive sessions, keynotes, and discussions, they provide you with the tactics, methods, and strategies you need to get inspired and make a real impact in the field of customer success.