Customer Success Festival – New York – Winter

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Type: Conference

Place: New York, NY, USA


  • 13.03.2024

Join the Customer Success Festival in New York, where the brightest minds in customer success gather to share their knowledge and insights. Whether you’re grappling with onboarding challenges, churn mitigation, or renewals, this festival is designed to rejuvenate your approach and arm you with actionable insights and tactics.

Why Attend?

Stay Current: Keep up with the latest industry trends and benchmark your strategies against the top performers.
Community Collaboration: Meet peers facing similar challenges and collaborate to crowdsource key solutions.
Networking Opportunities: Build a network of trusted customer success advisors and forge meaningful connections.

Agenda Highlights:

Industry Thought Leaders: Absorb knowledge from CS thought leaders making waves in the industry.
Engage, Convert, Retain: Learn holistic approaches to understanding customers and increasing retention.
Executive Buy-In: Strategies to demonstrate the strategic value of CS for executive buy-in.
Renewal Conversations: Master challenging renewal conversations with effective strategies.
Efficient Collaboration: Discover the secrets of CS operations and team structure for optimal collaboration.
Emerging Technologies: Learn how to operationalize customer success with AI and other emerging technologies.
Unified Customer Journey: Create a comprehensive customer journey to enhance customer experience (CX) from prospecting to renewal.
Key CS Metrics: Understand which metrics are crucial for optimizing CS performance.

Don’t miss this opportunity to transform your customer success strategies and tactics. Register for the Customer Success Festival in New York and be ready to implement your newly acquired knowledge to make a tangible impact in your organization.